A Hint of Fall

Friday, September 19, 2014

I thought of calling this post things i hated this week, but I figured that probably sounded a little on the negative side, even if the title did fit my feelings on this past week. Though, of course not entirely, there were some really good things too. But I am happy the weekend is here. I'm ready to press my reset button.

One of the things I found myself hating this week was finally getting the allergy results that I had done awhile back for Luca. Luckily corn and rice weren't on there because they are great gluten-free alternatives and are in everything "GF". Though after assuring me those were okay the nurse went on to read me a 25 long list of items that he has allergies to. Milk. Sugar. Strawberries. Chicken. Pork. Egg whites. Cashews. Grapes. Potatoes. To name a few. I've been standing in my kitchen staring blankly all week really, really, really wishing I loved to cook and had a 'can-do' attitude about it all. 

The second thing I hated this week was Etsy changed the home page. I have been on Etsy for awhile now as a shop owner, and a long time as buyer. I have to admit, in general, change kind of freaks me out. Or maybe I am a control freak and changes that aren't in my control freak me out? Either way, I've been pretty freaked out by changes Etsy has made over the years. Most of them I don't notice after awhile, or I notice they are actually pretty great changes. And from that experience over the last few years I have learned to welcome changes Etsy implements. This though? I don't understand. The lovely and welcoming storefront curation of the home page is gone and haven't yet exactly figured out what its been replaced with. It confuses me so that makes me nervous for those who haven't spent as much time there as I do. And, if I am being perfectly honest, the front page has been a big part of my product exposure. With that said, my days of being sheepish about self-promotion may be coming to a close with this change. So you all might be seeing me do more of this in the near future and attempting to exercise my social media skills (which are at about zero as of now). Have you seen it? Do you sell or buy on Etsy? What do you think?

The third, and last, thing that was a little sad this week, was our very last tree in the front area of our house fell. When I first moved in here we had the most beautiful old cherry and plum trees and in the last year they have all been cut down due to rot. We had one left, but I guess this guy miss his friends and decided to just call it quits. Luckily we still have lots and lots of trees in every other area around our house. 

Now, on to the positives! Yesterday it rained. I woke up and looked out my window and the site of grey skies and rain has never made me so giddy. It's been awhile. And not only was it rain, but it was perfect rain. Just a very light mist all day long, just enough coolness in the air that I could throw on my boots for the first time in months. While M+L were at school I walked around alone and admired the falling the leaves and how vibrant all those fall tones are against a grey backdrop. Just beautiful! I think I might be excited for the change of season and I have such a long and lovely summer to thank for making me love the fall and rain again.

I found this gem this week on the web and listened to hours of stories while getting lots of work done (if you love 'this american life' you'll enjoy this too).

I also finally got the rug I ordered for M+L's room and so hopefully, with more sun on the forecast this weekend, there will be lots of light for me to take pictures so I can finally show off their new space!

And last night I had open house night for parents at M+L's school so starting next week I will be able to start volunteering in the class! I also got word that there is a pumpkin patch field trip coming up. Oh that first pumpkin patch field trip is always such fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday. xo

House Tour | Ferme Repensée |

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This beautifully redesigned farm house-turned loft in South of Sweden has such beautiful light and is one of the things that really caught my eye in this home. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that we still have sunshine (or more of it at least. a lot more of it this year), the air still has a hint of warmth, the days are still long and the leaves start to fall. This means that the light can make it's way in my windows a bit more through the trees and I find it falling in all sorts of beautiful ways throughout the day. If I were planning to move - which I am not, but say I was, whether I was looking to build, find an already-perfect-place, or a place to renovate, the light would be one of the first things on my must-haves list. And I would be more than happy to use this home as inspiration. 

Images: Marie Claire Mason; Photographs by: Romain Ricard


Monday, September 15, 2014

We are already into the middle of September. It's hard to believe we are so close to fall, but also hard to believe that we aren't closer. There is hardly a hint of it in the air. This seems to be the never-ending summer around here. Not complaining. Though this weekend I found myself in the kitchen despite the warm temperatures. I have had several tomato plants grow this year. Ironically I have bought tomato starts for the last few years and haven't had a single tomato ripen. So this year I gave up and didn't buy any, but they just popped up all on their own producing a bounty of fruit. And for further irony I have found for the first time in my life that I can't eat tomatoes (acid reflux. boo!). So I have been giving them to my neighbors. This weekend when I was passing out my orphaned tomatoes in return I got salmon, a canary melon, a lime, and potatoes. 

I also found myself with a surplus of bread crusts lately. I have been cutting the crusts off of M+L's sandwiches for school, because let's face it, gluten-free bread just isn't that good. What's more is the loafs are teeny tiny and, at over six dollars a loaf, I feel the pang when I cut the crusts off which make up at least 25% of the 3 inch sized slices. So I've been saving them for . . . well, I wasn't sure what for. But coupled with my dilemma of needing to feed my children breakfast before school and my lack of desire to wake up and cook first thing in the morning, M+L and I made french toast sticks. Added with a little crème fraîche, cinnamon and maple syrup, well, let's just say there aren't any left for me to pop in the microwave this week for a quick breakfast bit. Next week. I already have a little collection of bread crusts from this morning. 

The rest of the weekend was good. A mix of preparing for the week and enjoying the weekend. Grocery store and Target trips (Target being one of Milo's favorite places), trying to get as many product shots as I can while we still have lots of sunshine, walks around the neighborhood, and lots of snuggles because M+L are still feeling a little under the weather from their cold. How was your weekend? 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Friday! Well, we made it through the first week of school. Mostly. All three of my boys got their first cold in the middle of the week. But M+L are still eager to get up and go in the morning and continue to be really excited about kindergarten. Fisher, being a junior(!) this year (what the...how did this happen?), is showing a renewed excitement for school that I haven't seen in quite awhile. Though it may be more motivated by finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The first thing he said on his first day was, after I saw his very full schedule was: "next year i only need three classes and i'll be done!" Something to work towards. I'll take it. Even I am finding my alone time quite favorable. Though I should mention when you have a dog, you are never, ever completely alone. Now it's just girl time for Marla and me. We have taken some nice long morning walks, cleaned the walls (though we decided that was boring after about 10 minutes), discovered I suddenly have a lot of white hairs growing in my bangs, listened to new and old music, discussed the new book I am reading, and have been getting a good amount of work done. Well I do the work. Marla supervises me. And now the weekend is upon us again. I always look forward to the weekend. But it does feel much more special now that we have more structure to our week. I think I might even learn how to relax again! Hope you all have a great one.

+ This series called In Pieces; an artistic collaboration between photographer, Dean West and Sculptor, Nathan Sawaya. You can read more about it here. But before you do - can you spot the lego sculptors in each photo? 

+ I still have a supply of incandescents from when I stocked up before they went off the market. But when I saw this article about the best bulbs to replace your incandescents with, I thought it was worth bookmarking. 

+ Blogger, writer, and self-proclaimed francophile, Erin, from Like / Want / Need has started a shop selling her beautiful prints of Paris, aptly named, Paris Print Shop. Be sure to stop by there are some really beautiful images.

+ This amazing and beautiful trogdolyte dwelling (cave) in France on airbnb. 

Inspired By

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I am waiting on a rug I ordered before I give the big reveal for M+L's room that I worked on over the summer, but I thought I would share these prints - which are inspired by none other than M+L themselves a.k.a. All-day Everyday and Tiger.  After a couple requests I decided to add them to the shop and they can now be ordered here and here

In other news we are still getting used to this new routine. It's a fairly big adjustment. I am not there yet. Though I am absolutely enjoying the time I have while all of my children are in school. And I am sure once I get used to it, i.e. not spending the first couple hours wandering around my house aimlessly, I see a future with some solidly set work hours, occasional bookstore outings, child-free grocery trips and unencumbered house cleaning. I have to say that I already feel like I am more present for my kids in general being able to think a full thought and being able to finish something I started during school hours. Adjustments aren't always easy but sometimes they are so very worth it.  


Monday, September 8, 2014

So we did it. We survived the first day of Kindergarten! I woke up a little early on Friday so that I could cry a little bit. I knew it would happen and it did - the burst I'd been holding back.  Then I made eggs and bacon and pancakes so they would have a nice full belly for their first day which I am sure will soon be replaced by toaster waffles on good days and scoops of peanut butter on bad ones, but it's always nice to start out on the right foot. 

I didn't know who their teacher was or which classroom they would be in until we got to school, but I was really happy to see that it was the teacher I felt like immediately would be a good fit for them, and they have the biggest and coolest looking classroom, so it was all good surprises. The teacher had them sitting together which warmed my heart, (you can see milo behind that yellow box on the table on the right, and luca is right behind him) though I won't be surprised at all if that changes this coming week. M+L seem perfectly fine by going by Milo and Luca at school as opposed to their self appointed names of Allday-Everyday and Tiger, I wasn't necessarily looking forward to fighting that battle either with them or their teacher.

Once we entered the class they happily sat down at their table and seemed completely relaxed, no tears, no "don't goes." There was a brief moment when we were getting out of the car when Luca said "wait, you are going to leave us here all day?" After a few moments of getting settled in the teacher introduced herself to the class and the parents and said "first i want to make a wish. and my wish is that everyone here makes lots and lots of friends." Then she turned the floor over to anyone else that had a wish to share. The little girl right next to Milo had her hand up first (she actually had it up the entire time) and she said "i wish that i could stay little forever and ever and never grow up." The room swelled with ooooh's and awwww's. The teacher looked around and I heard a little nasally voice and saw Milo (no hand raised) saying "i wish . . . i wish . . . i wish . . ." and I was like "noooo, milo don't do it!" I could see the (poop) twinkle in his eye. And I know his default response to something when he doesn't quite know what he's suppose to say is "poop." I knew he was going to say "i wish for . . . poop." Luckily we were saved by the eager little girl who raised her hand again to say that she wish they "read lots of new and interesting books." And another round of oooh's and awww's drowned Milo and his inevitable potty talk out (obviously we need to work on this bit a little more). Then the teacher instructed them to wave goodbye to us and we left. They were champs. 

After that I came home and it was literally time to turn around and pick them up! The time went fast. Like almost too fast. Which I knew it would, once I got my boys off and my tears dried. I had a feeling my next thought would be "wait, what? i have to go get them already?!" And it was. Today is their first day of their first full week of school! The weekend went almost as fast as Friday did for me and I can't believe it's Monday already. How was your weekend? Any firsts in your worlds?

The First Day

Friday, September 5, 2014

Today is the big day! Everyday of the last 6 years (and 9 days to be precise) I have spent with these little fella's at my heels, in my ears, tugging at my clothes. And now the moment has arrived for the band-aide to be rippeth offethed. Yesterday we spent the day making gluten-free cookies for a special lunch treat, practicing putting on their coats and shoving them in their backpacks to bring home when it gets too warm. We had a practice lunch with their new lunch boxes and spent a few moments raising our hands when we had something we wanted to say. We talked (again) about what words we use at home only (poop), and not wrestling with each other, and all the friends they are going to make and how awesome recess is and art and story-time. We got out the new shoes and school clothes, packed up the school supplies and sharpened (48!) pencils. At one point while trying to open their new water bottles that they were having a bit of trouble with, Luca finally did it all by himself and he said to me "see mama, i didn't need you, i did it all by myself." I have a feeling I will be hearing a lot more of that in the days to come. And with that I have a happy heart. (though I am still bringing a few tissues in my pocket for my drive home.)

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am sure I will be back on Monday with at least one "first day of kindergarten" picture to share. 
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