Photo Diary | Mt. St. Helens 1 |

Monday, October 13, 2014

The three day weekend was so lovely and needed around here. Friday we set off for Mt. Saint Helen's as I was hoping to and it was completely spellbinding. I don't even have words for it. It is simply awe inspiring. If you look one direction it looks like the northwest - trees and green and foliage everywhere, as far as the eye can see. But the path of volcano eruption looks like it belongs in an entirely different place. Maybe Africa or Arizona or the Badlands. 

I am old enough to remember when Mt. Saint Helen's erupted, though I was pretty little and in Idaho at the time, I still recall it well. I was so excited to see it snowing outside in the middle of a warm May day. But when my mom firmly pulled me back inside and pointed her finger for me to sit on the couch and not move while everyone geared up to go investigate by putting nylons on their face I kind of figured maybe it wasn't snow. This trip we went to the North side of the mountain where you can view the crater. I haven't been there since I was a kid but I remember how mesmerized I was by it and I thought my kids would like this area as well (also the north side is a great place to visit for everyone - it's easy for little ones and the main paths are paved so those who aren't able to hike can still get the full experience.). I was hoping to visit a few other spots that I went to the last time I was there, but I learned that from Portland you can really only visit one side of the mountain if you are making day trips. So now I have a reason to go back to see all the other places I missed this trip. 

I am feeling much, much better than last week but that cold really kicked my ass, and I have been crazy exhausted all weekend. I even slept in twice and took a nap and never do either of these things. I somewhere along the way adopted the "i'll sleep when i am dead" mentality which I am sure if you would have told teenage me would have happened I would have folded my arms and said 'never. i don't believe that.' So I gave in and listened to my body and spent most of the weekend laying on my couch. With that said I am going to have do at least one more post to share some more photos because I haven't gone through them all, and truthfully, I could spend all day looking at this mountain. How was your weekend? 


Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday! And a three day weekend for us. Happy happy. Joy joy. I haven't been this excited to sleep in a teeny tiny bit in years. Yesterday I woke up in a bit of a rage. And I honestly don't get very rage-y. Irritable sure (my inner voice generally tends to sound a lot like a mix between george carlin and melissa mccarthy's character in the heat), but angry not so much. However yesterday I felt some primal out-for-blood instincts running through my boiling veins. I am thinking getting out from these four walls and some fresh air will do me good and, with that, I think we are going to try to head up to St. Mt. Helen's today (if nothing else a volcano should dial me back a few notches). I am hoping I can spunk up enough for the trip. I was looking at some of my old photos recently and I realized it's been 12 years since I have been there. And as soon as I left that day 12 years ago I remember saying to myself "I can't believe I never come up here. I am totally going to come up here more often!" Obviously I used the terms "totally" and "more often" very loosely. But now that I know exactly how many years it's been and the fact that we are still enjoying beautiful weather (which is going to take a rainy turn here very soon) I feel determined to make the trip. If well enough, the rest of the weekend will probably be spent catching up and cleaning up to get next week started off right. Do you have any weekend plans? 

+ New in the shop! I love cacti and am always trying to buy cacti for both inside and outside. I wish I could have a whole desert wonderland, but unfortunately the climate in the northwest isn't quite right and my indoor plant skills are still subpar. With that I decided to create some cacti that even I can't kill - cushions. You can find them here and here

+ If there was ever a story about why you should never give up on your dreams it's this one right here

+ I love this photography series Forty Portraits in Forty Years.

+ I am pretty sure this video steered me off my war path yesterday. I am pretty sure it's impossible to watch this and feel anything but pure happiness and joy. 

+ #perception_collection is back and starting today! For more info on our 14-day photo-a-day instagram challenge go here

Wild Child

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well I am still fighting this cold. But I *think* I may be at the end. Luckily I had gotten quite a bit done while my children were all sick so I have been able to, for the most part, idle my time away in relaxing and restful ways like watching movies and pretend shopping online. I have a real soft spot for animal clothing wear for kids and we seem to have a lot around here. But really I don't think you can have too much. We are all about wearing as much as possible, layering it and mixing and matching it (and by we, of course, I mean M+L). A couple weeks ago Ruth tweeted me a link to that panda sweatshirt (love) and then the other day I came across those tiger leggings (my heart is aching to get those tiger leggings for my Tiger), so I thought I would turn it all into a round-up of some of my favorite (gender neutral) animal wear picks for kids. I want to buy it all! (plus the deer version of the bunny pullover, and maybe the fox and sheep ones too). 

Perception Collection III

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And we are back with round three of our 14-day instagram challenge #perception_collection! We will be starting this coming Friday the 10th. To join in just follow us: @plumedpdx and @laurenkeim, mention the prompt with the image and use the hashtag #perception_collection for each image you post for this challenge. Other than that, as ever, there are no hard and fast rules. If you want to join in as prompts speak to you, or challenge yourself to the full two weeks, we will love to see you join in anyway that works for you. It's also up to you to interpret the prompts however you wish - though we do like to throw in a few to challenge our photography skills and try techniques we may otherwise not use. For example, I never use my flash. Ever. So that's on the list. A couple others are: high key and fill the frame (click the links if you need more info on these). And be sure to check out what others are posting each day by clicking on the #perception_collection hashtag - there you can see all of the images from the challenge and hopefully find great new accounts to follow. So far we have had a really great community of engaged and supportive folks joining and we'd love to see you there too!

For more info you can visit lauren at still+life. For past challenge round-ups you can see here; here; here.

Photo Diary | Rooster Rock |

Monday, October 6, 2014

After being cooped up with my sick kids for the last week and half, and despite finally crossing the line of flu symptoms myself, Saturday morning I got us all into the car and headed down i-84 to Rooster rock. It's a place I drive by a lot but haven't stopped in years. It's where tourists stop for the sweeping views of the gorge, kids go on field trips and, for natives, if you've been here once you've been here 20 times, literally. But it is only about a 20 minute drive from my house and in my condition of breaking out in cold sweats and desperately shielding my eyes from the light it was about as far as I was willing to venture. So before things took a turn for the worse and I found myself cooped up for another week I just needed to get into some open air and take advantage of this this last burst of summer weather we are having here. 

I think one of the reasons people love (and move to) Portland is because of how easy and quick it is to get out of the city and into nature. And, of course, that makes it a place for the outdoor enthusiast. I never consider myself an "outdoor" person because if I am comparing myself to most people around here my lack of bicycle ownership alone immediately excludes me from that club. But I do love to be outside and I am so grateful that I can hop in my car and within minutes be surrounded by the beauty of nature. And, truly, you don't have to be sporty to enjoy nature in Portland at all. There are so many places to take an easy hike, or walk along the river, or find a beautiful lookout or park to sit on a bench with a cup of coffee and read a book. I've been thinking about taking a few mornings a month to set aside some solo time for such things while the kids are in school. It's so good for the soul. And while they also love the outdoors and I love being with them in the outdoors, I think it sounds so lovely to start making a habit of spending some time alone in the beautiful landscapes that are all around me - walking at a brisk pace or a meandering pace, taking photos, and where the only little voices I may hear will be the ones in my own head.  Do you have any routines where you take some time to just be with yourself?

In The Details

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am not one who loves to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, and while I'd like to have a bit of a larger and more accommodating kitchen space than I currently have, an amazing kitchen is not often what fills my daydreams. Though there is one fantasy kitchen I have had in my mind for years and years. One where I might find myself draped in a linen apron with a sifter in one hand and rolling pin in the other - that would be beautiful rustic french inspired kitchen. And this gorgeously remodeled kitchen belonging to Beth Kirby of Local Milk is so spot on, I have indeed been daydreaming about kitchens (this kitchen in particular) since I saw the feature over at Remodelista the other day. My favorite part of this kitchen is in all of the beautiful details. I love the rustic elements, from the reclaimed wood work, the marble counters, to the beautiful vintage utensils. I also love the cooper accents and that all of the upper shelving is open with everything beautifully displayed. You can see more photos (and also see the before photo and her awe inspiring stove) by visiting here

Photos: Beth Kirby

House Tour | Upper Majorsgatan |

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We appear to be suffering the cold that never ends around here. It seems one person gets better one day, only to wake up the next and find it's taken hold of another. And truthfully my shoulders are feeling a bit achy this morning and I fear I might feeling the beginnings of a rumble in my chest and today I slept through my alarm. That never happens, usually I wake up before it goes off. But I have been keeping pretty low key around here as it has made its way through my children, so I am hoping that will work in my favor. 

But onto more pleasant topics. When I saw this flat last night I immediately got a feeling of warmth and coziness from it. It looks like the perfect place to be doing exactly what we have been doing - laying on the couch, putting the kettle on the stove, watching movies, and reading books. I also just love the overall design style of this home. I do love a Scandinavian interior and I am always drawn to the classic black and white with natural textiles and materials look, and I also love mid-century, especially with leanings toward the relaxed and natural designs of the '70's. And this place does such a fantastic job of mixing all of these styles into one very inviting and intimate space. 

Images: Stadshem
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