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Monday, February 23, 2015

Seeing / Friday morning I went down to "drop off some cards" to display with my work down at West Elm Portland (really I went to see my pillows and notecards all on display and take some photos of it). And I have to say a couple things about it: First, I think it's awesome that West Elm not only features local designers, but is so supportive, not only in inviting me to be a vendor, but then encouraging me to drop off promotion materials. Second, I think my products look pretty awesome in their store! Probably one of my prouder moments in this journey with my business. 

Fighting / I finally caught one of the 800 colds my Tiger and Allday Everyday have brought home since starting Kindergarten this year. My head has been so congested the last few days I can hardly recall the weekend. 

Embarrassing / Last night I was looking for my phone only to find it deep in the corner of my house nestled in Tigers sticky little hands. After pulling it away I discovered he had just sent a text with exactly 54 emoji's to my small business class Professor. Thirteen of them were the little devil-head ones. (He didn't respond to my apology text. I'll know how he felt about that when I get my grades.)

Buying / After many years I finally found my mid-century danish lounger. The only compromise is I will need to sand it and re-stain it. But the price was right, the aesthetic was right, and the size was perfect.  The fabric may have swayed me a little bit too. 

Wanting / Blame it on that darn Vivian Maier documentary but I can't get my mind off wanting to get a twin lens camera. I almost pulled the plug on one this weekend, but impulse buys just aren't my forte. I am still thinking on it though, and hoping if a wave of impulsiveness strikes me this week, it will still be there.

Watching / The oscars of course. I think I was happiest to see Ida win best foreign film and Patricia Arquette for best supporting actress in Boyhood.

Wondering / Watching the oscars also lead me to wondering what is going on in red carpet fashion. There was not one look that wowed me and maybe only about three that I really liked. But while I wasn't impressed with the red carpet I was impressed with a few of the speeches this year. My favorite speeches were far and away this one by Graham Moore and, again, Patricia Arquette with this acceptance speech (love her), and this one by John Legend. (sean penn no longer exists to me. what a . . .)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One of the things I would love to have someday is a blue velvet sofa. And an apartment in Paris of course. Though I've watched house hunters international and I don't think I could even afford one of those ones that is about 100 square feet with a hot plate and a 12 inch high loft. Though, if I were going to daydream about a Paris apartment, I think it would look a lot like this. It satisfies all of my never-been-to-paris imaginings. Traditionally ornate, contemporarily chic, and infused with a wide array of art. 

But back to life in Portland which has slowed down for us here just the tiniest of bits. I had a stroke of luck with getting some big things done right as we got the long weekend and the spring-like weather we've been having this week. It's been glorious and reminds me that I am, in general, a much happier and productive person when I'm not chilled to the bone. We even have some cherry blossoms blooming and crocuses springing up from the ground now.

And thank you for all your lovely and supportive comments on my last post. Milo's long hair is still blowing in the wind. We spent some time talking about what makes us all special and how everybody is different in one way or another. And then we did a little image googling of men with long hair, you know Native American warriors, ancient Germanic warriors, and 1990's Brad Pitt. 

Currently 02

Friday, February 13, 2015

I am not sure if this upcoming three day weekend is going to have any actual impact on my life but I am enjoying the psychological affect of knowing it's a three day weekend. The last couple weeks have been extra busy around here. And I do know that once this weekend is over a few of my bigger projects will officially be checked off my list, surely to be quickly replaced, but I should have a good couple days of procrastination to look forward to before I dive in again. Ah, sweet procrastination, I miss you!

Looking Forward To / I finished my order for West Elm Portland store and will be delivering it this weekend! While it wasn't a huge order by any means, the pressure has certainly been on to get it done in time, and make sure I felt zen enough while doing it that I wouldn't find myself crying and ripping seams. The best part will certainly be my return visit to see my work displayed in the store. Looking forward to that moment. 

Finding / These amazing mid-century danish chairs (pictured) that I made a quick u-turn to recover from a dumpster near my house. I saw one sticking out and once I pulled it out of the bin I stood on it to see if there were more. Much to my delight I ended up with a set of four. I am hoping a good power washing will bring them new life. My grandparents had these chairs when I was little and I still remember the sweaty pattern they'd leave on my legs each summer day. They have long haunted me as something I didn't take when they passed away and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some for years. Recently I saw a set on craigslist, but at over sixty dollars a chair I had to ruefully pass them up. So I am sure you can imagine I didn't second guess piling half of my body into that dumpster. 

Working / I have to admit that I can attribute much of the successful moments I have had in my shop to Etsy in one way or another (even if I still despise their new front page). Awhile back they asked me to send them a print for their spring/summer lookbook that they send out promotionally to media outlets. Of course I was honored to be asked for one of my products to be a representative to the Etsy marketplace(!) so, while not holding my breath, I sent my Joie de Vivre print off to the Etsy headquarters to be photographed and maybe included in the lookbook. Just this week I got an email that they did, in fact, include my print! You can see the online version here

Mothering / This week at school the teacher told me Milo was crying in music class and she couldn't figure out why (he's never cried at school before so she was pretty concerned). Once we got home, Luca, was helpful enough to let me know all about it: Milo was being teased for being a 'pretty girl.' And then my heart just broke when I asked Milo if this was true and he said "Yeah, and I want to cut my hair." I found my first reaction was to say "okay, we can cut your hair." However, upon saying this I immediately wanted to take it back. Milo loves his long golden hair. His favorite color is pink. He loves my little pony. Elsa is his idol. Every make-over girl/kitty/pony/doggy app decorates his ipad. He also loves minecraft and spiderman and batman and wrestling and being a boy. Luca loves these things too, though not as fiercely. Milo is a gorgeous boy (his words. true words). In six short years that boy has made me love pink. A color I never liked, I now love it almost as much as him. The emotional range of pink is vast. I see that now. He's also someone I look at and think of as an inspiration. His confidence and sense of self is intoxicating. So as you can imagine to see this shattered also shattered my little heart. 

In the end, after I asked him: do you want short hair because you like it or because you don't want people to call you a girl? And he responded with the latter. I said we'd wait a week. I realized then that the lesson I don't want to teach him is to change yourself to please other people. It's the last lesson I want pass on to him. It's a lesson once learned is so difficult to unlearn (I am still trying to unlearn this). And, truly, what makes him great, what makes all kids so wonderful at these tender and innocent ages is that they can be however they want, they can find joy and beauty in themselves, they are full of 'look what i can do!'s. We should honor that in others and in ourselves well into kindergarten and throughout our whole lives. And with that I think we will be spending much  of this week nurturing that in ourselves and each other. While I am not sure he can understand at 6, that he has been such a mentor to me well past 6, I hope someday he knows this. I hope he continues being exactly who he is. And with that said, when a weeks time approaches. . . well, I am open to suggestions!

hope you all have a happy weekend! did i mention it's in the 60's and full of sunshine here? yeah, that helps. 

Portrait of a House

Friday, February 6, 2015

I know last time I was here I said that my posts moving forward would likely be simple 'currently' updates as I embrace my blogging break. Part of taking a break from blogging was to not be spending copious amounts of time looking for blogging material when I should be task-mastering at this busy time. But I also realized spending copious amounts of time looking for blogging material can sometimes serve as a break to all the other things I am, er, should be doing. The likes of which I discovered this week as my full plate was dripping with my to-do's and they quietly fell to the wayside as I found myself indulging in one of my favorite pastimes - looking at beautiful spaces. So this week I am forgoing updates to share this gem I found on the wonderful world wide web. (and in all honesty, although 7 days have gone by, unless you want to hear the minutia of child-rearing, order-filling, and homework-doing, i've got nothing for you). 

When I came upon these images my jaw dropped. To me it is a perfect marriage of exquisite design and breathtaking photography. Some of these photos almost look like they could be realistic paintings. The Portrait of a House is a collaboration between two architects who came upon a derelict manor and restored it to its full potential. 

True to the past they adapted the house to its specific needs re-interpreting the old rather than bringing in the new. And again the house has found a new coherency - as if nothing has changed.

That Post + Currently 01

Friday, January 30, 2015

Well, here it is, this is that post. I am *officially taking a blogging break. As much as I originally thought I wanted to take a little blogging break exclusively to reflect critically about this space, my business, and my life online as a whole (streamline, redesign, and whathaveyou), as some of you know I’ve just made my life a lot busier by going to school full-time this term (and maybe next term too). That little addition to my life is taking up a lot of my time. It’s good. Now that I am 4 weeks in I do think it was just the thing I needed to do at this time in my life. But I also just remembered that this time is also the busiest time in my shop. Something has to give a little bit somewhere. Hopefully in between it all I'll still be able to get some of that critical thinking done.

But truth be told, selfishly, I hate it when other people go on blogging breaks. I get attached, and keeping-up, catching-up becomes a part of my routine. As much as I love house tours and lists of awesome finds and yummy recipes, I mostly love hearing about the people I have come to know through reading their blogs for months and even years. So when someone vanishes for a time I often wonder are they okay? are they coming back? i wonder what happened with their: kids, business, art, travels, move across oceans, and so on. Also, I like being in this space, it’s grounding for me. It’s a become a creature comfort. It's become a morning routine. What is cup of coffee without a blog? It's been a place where I've found friendships and support, inspiration and encouragement. It's a bit like home and if you know me at all by now, you know I am a homebody. 

*With that said I decided that during my break I will be posting once a week (likely on Mondays) with “currently posts,” (thanks Yelle for the idea!). That way I can still feel and stay connected to this space but without worrying too much about this space and enjoy this phase of busy in my life. Hopefully this will give me more time to check in with all of your spaces too. Without further ado, here is currently 01 . . .

currently / It's my birthday today! It's my very last year in my 30's (my that went fast) and I am determined to make it one of the best yet. 

doing / Lots of homework that consists of webpages that look like they are circa 1993 (i have a loooong way to go in the world of coding). 

enjoying / all the funny things my kids say. 

Me & Tiger Luca: you know what we should do for your birfday mama? Me: What's that? Luca: Where's that place where they keep the trapped animals? Me: What? Luca: You know where they trap the animals and we look at them? Me: The zoo? Luca: Yeah! 

Me & Allday Everyday  Me: are you still going to be an artist when you grow up? Milo: yeah. well, actually i already am an artist, so maybe i'll be tinkerbell.

in the works / Awhile ago I was approached by West Elm to be apart of West Elm Local. So I am currently working on getting their order ready before my deadline of the 16th (eek!). Soon pdx'ers will be able to get some of my goods at West Elm Portland! (yeah, i am pretty excited about that).

reading / All of my talk lately of hating change prompted me to put this book in my amazon cart the other day. So far, so good. 

watching / I just recently watched this movie on netflix and it actually made me miss social work (no small feat). It's a wonderfully authentic, moving, and honest story. 

wishing / Almost every single class I am taking right now is computer related. One of the programs I've been working with is Dreamweaver and I wish I didn't feel compelled to sing the song Dreeeeam Weeeaver whilst picturing Cassandra from Wayne's World the entire time I am working on it. Schwing!

finding / One of my diy's on House Beautiful and Elle Decor (now only if they'd put my work on their sites!). 

cooking / Lots of pasta now that I've discovered this gluten-free brand. Someday I hope they make french bread!

awaiting / Spring. Can you tell from these photos? I am ready for the flowers and light and the smell of fresh cut grass and longer days. 

grateful for / Far friends who feel ever so close.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What's In My Bag

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The other day as I was looking for something I came across an old notebook, this I should say isn't a new phenomena, I have several at a time. But as I flipped through the pages of this particular one I realized just how old it was - it had lots of notes on blogging from before I actually started blogging. The pages were filled with ideas for names, little sketches of logos, and "future" post ideas. One of the ideas at the very top of the latter list was the what's in my bag blog post. It was then that I realized I never did a single one of these. So I thought I'd remedy that and do it now. And I must admit that, though it is now years later, this post probably isn't much different than it would have been then, -neither the bag itself, nor the contents have probably changed much (I've mentioned I am a creature of habit, non?).

1. I am pretty sure Tano doesn't make this exact style anymore because I've had this wallet for at least five years (and I still have no desire or need for a new one). I did find this one that is similar. 

2. Me and this well-worn leather bag go way way back. It's a winter staple for me and every spring I feel a little sorrow upon our parting (I'd share the brand but I got it in a local boutique and the inner tag wore away long ago. I wish I could remember because I'd love another). 

3. Hand creme. Always. This one is by Love and Toast in Paper Flower scent. 

4. My bag wouldn't be complete without a moleskine notebook and a moleskin notebook wouldn't be complete without precise V5 pen

5. Everyone has some Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers in their bag, right? I have had a minor obsession with it for about 20 years (at least). But to balance it out I try to use organic lipstick. I never, ever leave home without one or the other applied (and back-ups in my bag).

6. When I was younger I was definitely on the side of hippy (I think they call it bohemian now) and two things have stuck with me since those days: oil and incense. I have an ever growing collection of essential oils and perfume oils. My favorite is the line from Kate's Magik

7. Ray Ban's in the new wayfarer black with matte finish. 

8. Phone. Not much to say on that one. 

9. A book! Unless I am running straight to the store and back I always bring along a book. Always have and always will despite the fact that I can never, ever read in public. Well, I can read the same sentence over and over again about 500 times, but I can never actually get any reading done in a public place. Still I continue to overfill my bag with them. This was the last one I read and it was a really fun read. 

*not pictured: 27 crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, "doggy bags," misc. garbage from my children, & crumbs of mystery*

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Monday, January 26, 2015

This weekend was a flurry most of which was spent helping a friend through a very difficult time. The rest was spent trying to get homework squeezed in. I have to admit since I've went back to school life has felt quite different. Busy got busier. But just in the way I had hoped really. It's a focused busy as opposed to the busy of looking exasperatingly at my to-do list not knowing where to start. Looming due-dates makes it all much more clear. Though I am in a bit of a daze as I adjust to it all. And while I do think this life change is just what I needed there are little things I am missing that I realize I can't squeeze into my day (like taking lots of photographs) but hopefully as I get my new routine down I'll find that balance. Because really that's what I am after, good old fashioned balance. Balance of knowledge, balance of time, balance of creativity. And that takes time. Which can be ever so fleeting in the day to day, but luckily in the long run there is a lot of it to be had. (speaking of which, i just realized, it's my birthday week!) 

Here are a few pictures that I captured a couple weeks ago with my new wide angle lens. There are times (several times a day really) that I think of moving abroad or picking up and being a vagabond (the latter is a less charming of an image when I think of vagabonding with my children. but the former i can daydream about that all day long). But sometimes I look out over my city and I feel an all encompassing and overwhelming sense of being home, familiarity, and love, really. Like the early morning that I took these. This city makes me fall in love with it over and over again. 
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