How to: Bean Bag Sachet

Friday, March 18, 2011

My twins at 2 1/2 are in a constant state of development, action and mischief! I am always looking for new ways to keep them busy in ways that focus their attention, create a little calm (for a few moments) and offer some sort of a sensory experience.

I recently came up with these bean bags; (okay, so I thought about making them a long time ago, but I just got around to doing it.) They are a great little addition to our toy basket, they can be used for counting, tossing at a target on the floor, carrying, putting in and out of things like, bags, pots, baskets (which is mostly what they use them for). But the best part is that they are aromatic! So as your children are playing with them a fragrance of chamomile and lavender fill the air. I think it brings a calm to us all and I love that! And if things are getting really crazy at your house you can take a couple, plop them on your eyes and take a few deep breaths : )

They are so wonderfully fragrant that they are nice to stick in a drawer, closet, toy box, diaper bag, or just about anywhere.

What you need:
Canvas material scraps
Rice or corn kernels (I much prefer rice if you have little ones)
Safe and non-poky herbs for fragrance (Lavender, Sage, Chamomile)
Thread and Needle or Sewing machine

First: Cut out your squares to any size. Mine are about 4x4inches. Turn right sides together/Wrong side facing you. Sew up 3 sides of bag. I use a zigzag stitch AND a straight stitch so that it is secure.

Second: Fill your bag with your aromatic mix. I fill about 2/3 full, not too much.

Third: Fold in the edges of your open side. and press together, hold with straight pins. Straight stitch the top, doubling back (stitch forward then backward to secure the opening and closing) at the beginning and end.

That's it! Repeat for the number of bags you want to have. Enjoy.

For some bean bag game ideas click here.


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