Book Review: Doodle-Stiching by Aimee Ray

Monday, April 11, 2011

Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray
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I love embroidery! I can't quite remember what got me inspired to take up embroidery again, (I was known to stitch some "hippy-esque" sunshines and such on my cut-off jeans and backpacks as a teenager), but I do remember picking up the needle and thread a couple years ago and having a whole new feeling of discovery. I did not remember loving embroidery, in fact I remember it frustrating me to no end, when I tried it as a teen. But this time it felt magical, it felt nostalgic and it felt pretty simple once I had done my time doing "practice" stitches. It is a cozy craft, or perhaps it just feels that way to me because I picked up the craft in the middle of winter, but I truly think it is. It is one of those amazing crafts that is actually relaxing once you get the hang of it. It doesn't take an entire craft room to store your materials, just a small little basket or box for your threads, needles and hoops.

Once I decided I loved embroidery, I found that it was making a pretty serious comeback, and there were really cute iron on transfers like those from Sublime Stitching, and books like Doodle-Stitching, which I loved!

The projects in Doodle-Stitching vary in skill level. Aimee Ray did a great job starting with the very basics and building from there (It's a great book for learning!). Even a very experienced embroiderer can be inspired by the book.

Taken right from the pages of Doodle-Stitching, a gnome and owl, that I and my 12 year old made for the twins out of wool felt.

For many folks out there, your first thought may be "Okay, embroidery is cool...but what can you actually do with it once you make your tea towel set?" Well, Doodle Stitching is great at giving you tons of ideas where embroidery can be used. And what I love most about this book is, not only does it have templates and wonderful things to "copy," but it truly does inspire you to do your 'own thing,' she has so many great examples you end up thinking of your own great ideas.

I highly recommend this book and the craft of embroidery. If you are thinking about trying it out, I encourage you to do so, it is such a small investment it's completely worth it to give it a try! And once you have this little book in your hands you won't be able to help yourself!

Some Napkins I made for a Christmas Gift. (I just lightly penciled my drawings on to the napkins and stitched over the pencil marks.) And of course I ironed them before they were gifted ; )


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