Channel Your Inner Grandma: How To Make A Pincushion Jar

Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember these little pincushion jars? Well, recently I had a flashback to seeing them somewhere in my childhood and, coupled with my ever growing need for more and more storage, I thought I would make one. Currently my button collection is in a bag that is really beautiful and special to me; a gift from my aunt from her travels to Japan. I have been wanting to move them into a see-through container because buttons are just one of those things I never tire of looking at, not to mention having to dump them all out every time I need to find a button is not the most effective method. But because I so love that little bag they are currently hiding in, I needed some inspiration to make the move.

...And if you sew a lot, it certainly doesn't hurt to have extra pincushions. In fact I think I am going to devote this one to sewing needles, and stop torturing myself with another ineffective method of mine, of trying to find them in my current pincushion, which is home to straight pins, safety pins and sewing pins, along with other strange things that have gotten stuck and tangled in there.

What you need:

Mason jar screw top lid - where the middle pops out.

Scrap of fabric (one for the top and one for underneath) light weight material is best so that your lid will easily
screw on to your jar when you are done.

Glue gun or tacky glue


Sewing needle


Fiber filling, or cotton balls work too.

Card stock (optional)

There are a few different ways to do this at the end. But overall it's very easy! It's also a really great project for the younger crafters in their life, or one to do together.

First: Cut your top fabric circle about 1 - 1.5 inches larger than the circumference of the inner jar lid. Cut your underneath piece of fabric (seen in step 5) the same size as your jar lid. Also cut your piece of card stock a little smaller than the size of the inner piece of the jar lid. If you don't have card stock, you can skip this step, along with step four.

Second: Place your fabric on your work space wrong side up, place your cotton balls, or filling centered on top, then the jar lid on top of that. As the picture shows.

Third: I take a needle and thread and gather the excess material tightly around the underside of the jar lid - making sure my batting isn't too lumpy in any one spot, and if you are using a patterned material that needs to be centered, making sure it's where you want it. To do this just roughly thread big stitches through the fabric. It doesn't need to look pretty, it will be covered up. If you are using a really light weight fabric you can also just glue it down.

Forth: Take a piece your piece of card stock and glue it on to the underside of the lid, the part where you have just sewed it together (or glued it). If you don't have card stock you can skip this step and go to step five.

Fifth: Now glue your second piece of scrap fabric on to the top of the card stock. If you are using a light weight material and not using card stock, just make this step four. (Pictured below)

Lastly: Place your finished piece inside the lid ring. Pictured below.

That's it grandma! You are all done!


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