Happy Thrifting: Be Green Sewing Notions

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love vintage, chotchkie, knick-knack, brick-brack, items of all shapes sizes and genres; but I have moved too many times, in times in my life when I did not have any reserve for my eclectic purchases and have since learned to enjoy the looking - without the buying.  But I am always really excited when I find something that gives me - that wonderful feeling that only items with a bit of history can, but I can actually use it and lessen my carbon footprint at the same time! Right now I can't afford a prius, or solar panels for my home but I can afford vintage sewing notions - because, hey, they are way less than the new ones!

The great thing with sewing notions, unlike vintage dresses that have been vacant from the thrift stores for the last decade (at least in my part of the world), there is so much out there! And why buy new when you can get the same thing, with cooler packaging, for about 1/10th of the "new" cost? Of course when I'm in need of red rick-rack in a pinch, I am probably going to run to the store rather than seek out yard sales and thrift stores, because let's face it, all that driving is probably a lot less "green" in the end. But it is fun to keep your eyes open for these finds when you are meandering through flea markets, garage sales, estate sales (the best places, in my opinion to find awesome vintage fabrics, buttons, etc.), or thrift stores. Here a are few of my second hand-vintage finds from this past weekend, it's hard to say what my favorite is...but I do love buttons!


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