How to: Photo Printing on Fabric - the homemade way

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Printing on fabric at home is easy enough using an inkjet printer, freezer paper and fabric. *Having said that, this is a strictly use at your own risk project! There are no manufactures instructions that come with this homemade photo fabric and, while I have never had any trouble with this myself, I can't (and do not) guarantee that it wouldn't damage your own printer.

If you are not comfortable trying this "home" method, I suggest using a professional photo fabric sheets, manufactured and sold for this same purpose. I also do not use this on projects that I plan on washing. But that's just a personal preference, you can do whatever you want!

What you need:

  • Freezer Paper (cut into standard paper size of 8.5 by 11 inches)
  • Light colored fabric
  • Iron
  • Scissors (Not your nice fabric scissors)
  • Photos or artwork that you wish to print onto fabric

Cut out your pieces of Freezerpaper. (I usually just trace around a piece of printer paper.)

Iron your light colored fabric so that it is smooth and wrinkle free.

Iron your pieces of Freezerpaper (shiny-side down onto to fabric) down smoothly and securely onto your fabric. No bumps, lumps wrinkles.

Cut out around the Freezerpaper. You should now have a piece of fabric paper, one side freezerpaper and one side fabric . Keep the Freezerpaper on when this goes through the printer, it is what gives it support and feeds it through.

Make sure the fabric side is the side being printed on and stick it into your printer just as you would any other piece of paper. But do double check that it is smooth, no corners are sticking up that can get caught on the gears of your printer. No loose threads.


To use your photo fabric, remove Freezerpaper (I suggest doing any cutting/trimming of photos before you remove Freezerpaper backing). You can then sew with it, or use heat and bond (as I did on the super silly pillows I made for my twins; top photo) to applique with it. 


  1. Awesomeness! I love this compilation – thanks for an informative and entertaining article which has pulled me away from the day job for a happy five minutes!

  2. Printing on fabric requires freezer paper to maintain a smooth sliding in between printer and the type of material.

    Acrylic photo printing


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