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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Okay, Okay, so this is my new pillow shop. But I am really excited about it and wanted to share it here first. I started my new pillow venture somewhat accidentally - I made a couple pillow covers for myself and I was instantly hooked! It was supremely satisfying to make something that really added splash of style to my home. I realized I could only make so many pillows for myself and decided to open a new etsy shop, so I could keep on making more.

What I love about making pillows, which almost sounds silly if you knew exactly how much I really love making pillows, is pillows are meant to be used, they are comforting while also giving your space new pizazz and style. They are an affordable way to decorate, to make a statement, and/or add texture and color. I really get to work with textures and patterns (as in prints) in a way I haven't fully appreciated before. I love working with different weaves of fabrics, such as a heavy cotton that feels like silk in your hands and pair that with a soft textured linen or hemp; or a starch canvas cotton to contrast the softer front panel with a crisp graphic. I am inspired by the prints on the fabric and let this guide the materials I use to give the pillow the right shape, depth and texture for the print and the overall feel of the design as well as adding that feeling of comfort to your space.

I also love that I can use a blank piece of fabric and adorn it in such a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, using many different mediums. I feel like when I do this I am able to take crafting to a little bit more of an artistic level. I love embroidery and I have found pillows a great place to indulge in this passion of mine. Again, it is about the textures and the simple statements we can make in our home.

You can find my new shop at plumed.etsy.com My pillows are at introductory prices and I am also running a special 10% of the purchase of 2 or more pillows, but you can use the special code for having read my blog, "lulobird" for 10% off one pillow or the code "lulobirdtwoormore" for 15% the purchase of two or more pillows! A little extra bonus for my blog readers. And don't forget to browse around at the other fabulous shops on Etsy while you are there.


  1. Very nice pillows!! Good luck with the new shop!

  2. Thank you so much! I have had great luck so far! My 'I love Louisianna' pillow will be apart of a design make-over on HGTV's 'secrets from a stylist,' with Emily Henderson. It airs mid september, woohoo!

  3. I love your pillows. You are very creative and talented. Hope they sell well and your shop does well also. I saw you joined our group and thought I would stop by and say hi. My blog is kellyscrafts-kellyscrafts.blogspot.com. Stop by and take a look sometime.

  4. Thank you for sharing how absolutely important service is in an on line store just as important as a bricks and mortar store - I believe even more so.


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