More Blueberries and a Simple Pie Recipe

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recently we went blueberry picking, and unfortunately, I do not have an extra freezer to store the 14 pounds of berries we picked, so I have been making a lot of blueberry goodness not letting our hard work or berries go to waste. In fact picking the berries was really a lot of fun, not to mention economical! It was really great to spend a couple hours with other people willing to go to the source for their food. Ultimately I had a fantastic day spending time with my kids (while they perhaps learned a little something) and had several great conversation with fellow pickers.

 Blueberries on the Vine

 My Bucket Almost Full!

Luca was really great at picking the blueberries, they just never made it into the bucket : )

First on my blueberry menu was pie. I LOVE blueberry pie! It's extraordinarily easy and delicious. I have to admit I cheated and bought a pie crust, but sometimes you need to cut a corner here or there, and I really just wanted to get that pie in the oven and then into my mouth as quickly as possible. So for this recipe I am skipping the crust part. For crust instruction I am sure Martha Stewart has some great tips.

Milo woke up a little early from his nap and we were able to have some quality one-on-one time making this pie. Milo and I used 7 cups of Blueberries to make this pie in a pan that was a fairly deep dish. I would say you could use anywhere between 6 and 8 cups depending on your pan.

This pie recipe can be used for ANY fruit pie and I use it for pretty much all my pies, it's just so simple, it works, and it tastes yummy.

Heat oven to 400

Crust (click link to go to an easy pie crust recipe)
Pie pan

Cookie sheet

Fruit between 6 to 8 cups total
1/3 cup sugar (I use raw)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
1 tbs lemon juice fresh (meyer's lemons are my favorite to use in pies, but any will do)

*For the crust I use a little egg yoke to make it shinny and to keep it from getting burnt. Just whip up some egg yoke, add a dash of milk/half and half/cream if you have it and brush it on the crust before you place it in the oven. If you don't have the milk, it's okay, the yoke works fine on its own.

Prepare pie crust and place in pie pan.

Place one half to one cup of your blueberries (or other fruit) into a bowl and crush lightly (to get the juices flowing). Add remaining fruit. Add sugars, corn starch (for thickening) and lemon juice. Gently mix up. Spoon into pie pan with a light raise in the center, so pile it a little more in the center of the pie pan. Add your top layer of crust, place in fridge for a few minutes, 5 to 10.

Place on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil - to catch the juices if they bubble over. Cook pie until the crust is just a bit golden, about 20 minutes, at 400 degrees.

Then reduce the heat to 350 and cook for another 50 minutes.

Take pie out carefully! Place on cooling rack and let the pie cool. Yes, you truly have to wait about 2 hours. The pie continues to cook and thicken after it is taken out of the oven and the pie just isn't done until after it has cooled down significantly. The pie will keep on out on your counter if loosely covered with a towel or plastic wrap for a couple days. Enjoy!!! We sure did! And two days later we made another pie following the same recipe but using peaches and blueberries together.

 Milo proud of a job well done!

  Fresh out of the oven still bubbling!

Ready to cut into. It smelled really good!


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