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Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is a little blog exercise I was invited to do through voiceBoks, an online community of mamma bloggers. So, while this is not something I have done before, or am accustomed to doing on my blog here, I figured I would be a good sport and join in the fun...that way I could also put a little extra time into sewing this weekend! Honestly, I thought this would be really quick and easy, but boy howdy, it was kind of hard to come up with all the "abc's of me!"  I am thinking that a tutorial on basket-weaving may have been easier. So, what ya do is really quite simple and here it goes... (If you decide to join in post your link in the comments! Or even write it in the comments.)

Appeture - my dream as a girl was to travel the world as a freelance photographer and while that dream didn't come true, i always have a camera handy and a love of photography.

Boys - as in little boys, i have three little boys whom i could never have imagined, me having three boys? but now i could imagine nothing else!

Cable - okay, so my dirty secret is out! i love cable and am addicted to a plethora of awful reality shows. but i balance these with a lot of foreign films (J for justification should be next!).

DIY do-it-yourself of course!

Egypt - my most favorite place in the world next to home, in the great northwest. i long to go back someday...

Fisher!- my thirteen year old, only child for ten years. he is my heart and my soul. love that boys tender heart and wicked sense of humor. he can make me laugh those laughs that come out of your gut and makes me so proud i get a little choked up when i think about how wonderful he is.

Grandparents - there is just nothing like them  and i look forward to being a meddling old grandma someday!

Heart - is where the home is.

Ice cubes - there was a time in my life where i had a fierce addiction to ice cubes! and i know everywhere in the portland-metropolitan area to get the best ones.

Jack of all trades, or maybe i should say jill? i believe in knowing a little bit about everything, so you can DIY of course.

Karma - i believe you will get back what you put out into the world. from the wise words of justin timberlake...what goes around comes around.

Luca! - my first born twin. he always has a smile on his face and is full of the most positive energy, he gives the best hugs around your neck and makes my little heart melt.

Milo! - my second born twin and the baby. he is calm and snuggly, easy going, has the best belly laugh in the world and has me securely wrapped around his little finger.

Old world - i love things that tell a story just by looking and feeling them and intrigue me to wonder about their history.

Plumed - the name of my pillow shop on etsy and the biggest thing in my life right now second to my kids.

Quiet ...

Reading - because i love to read, i love to surround myself with books and have long conversations with others about them. there is a book on every surface in my house.

Sunshine - even though it burns me horribly, i love sunshine, a lot.

Texture - can evoke an amazing sensory experience, it can add depth and drama to any design.

Understanding because we all deserve some and we can always offer it to another.

Vacation - i want one!

Women - women are amazing and i am so proud to be one. i am so lucky to have so many remarkable women in my life!

Xenophilia - "love of foreigners" i love knowing and talking to people from all around the world. learning different histories, perspectives and cultures. we all have so much to learn and share with each other.

Yardage - oh, this word has become a real regular in my vocabulary!

Zombie - okay, i'll end this with another confession, i have recently become addicted to 'plants vs zombies' on my iphone. it all started when my little milo got to my phone and started playing it and then i had to "help" him. well, helping him has turned into me pulling my phone away from him because he's going to "ruin" the game if he plays it. oy vey! i guess the child in me is still alive and well.


  1. I love how you described your boys. That totally melted my heart as a mom.

    I see we have a love of books in common.

  2. Yes, I know all about yardage too! And I totally believe in Karma...great list! Really enjoyed reading it. I just did mine, huh!

  3. I LOVE the names of your boys. So original and SO COOL. We had the hardest time naming ours. Nothing felt quite right. I believe in Karma. You've got to treat others the way you want to be treated, you know? Everything comes back. I believe it. Great list. Glad to get to know you!

  4. When I was younger, I always imagined I'd have a little girl. It took me six years to get pregnant, and everyone was convinced I was having a girl. All the old wives tales indicated it, and even my grandmother thought so (and she was never wrong). So I was shocked when the ultrasound tech told me I was having a boy. Happy still, but shocked. Now, I can't imagine having it any other way!

  5. This is a great list, I truly enjoyed reading it and getting to know you a little better.

    Love the books, of course! :D And karma. Oh, karma. I totally believe in it. The way you described your three boys was touching and made me want to go pick mine up from preschool!

    Smile and Mama With Me


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