Treasure Hunts

Monday, September 19, 2011

We "find stuff" all the time, whether it be cool vintage finds from a yard sale, estate sale or thrift shop. Whether it be an amazing blog post, website or Etsy shop. I know I find really great things all the time and I always want to share them, or mean to share them, but I forget! So I have decided to make a new blog series of my favorite finds, kind of like Oprah's My Favorite Things, but a little different, considering we don't probably have the same audience or resources. I was inspired to start actually doing this when I stopped by a yard sale this weekend and found all these great items, and guess what I paid? 7 bucks! For ALL of it. I love that! Vintage finds that make me feel like I am treasure hunting are definitely some of my favorite things. What's your favorite things to find?

 A couple vintage toys my twin boys picked out

  Vintage Nordic Ware USA Pan 

An old copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and a few other books, all at a quarter each!

 An old Tin which is really sweet but inside was a special prize....
 Old recipes from the Newspaper some were from the 50's and 60's

 And some were handwritten in, I don't know, Dutch maybe? How fun is that?!

 Another old book, this is a Nancy Drew Mystery. I don't know if I will actually ever get around to reading this as my reading list is very long, but I just couldn't pass it up, the inside picture is really cool too.

I got this picture in a pretty bad frame, for a dollar! I was adding up my goods and I turned back to look for my wandering twins and I spotted this...which my son said is maybe a "boat spotter?" I thought it was a sort of blueprint. But my 13 year is one of those people that know about everything and told me that boat/ships would have photos (drawings) of other boats so they could identify them.  

Now I just need to figure out where I am going to put all this stuff!!!


  1. how neat! I love vintage finds. I'm a big yard sale, ebay, and etsy shopper myself so that I find the vintage and older finds. I love that nancy drew mystery book. anyway, good luck to you! I'm already a follower and excited to see future posts. take care.


  2. Fun finds! I am in the opposite mode. We are getting rid of stuff. I love that tin with the recipes, now you just have to find someone who speaks Dutch!

  3. I Love Vintage ! I Found My Favorite Toy As A Child At A Vintage Store In Arizona , Mr. Machine . Anna

  4. Very creative site! Stopping by from VB Members to Remember.

  5. Great finds! Love the photo style. What kind of camera do you use and is it a camera setting or a computer program that gives the photos the oldish look?

    Sadie via vB

  6. Wow! The tin with old recipes is great! You found some good stuff!

  7. I love finding vintage things! That's so awesome you've found all that! I enjoyed reading your post! Visiting from vB!


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