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Friday, September 23, 2011

beautiful tunic in such a surreal print. i love this! find it here.

Hello Friends. I have a new favorite find this week and that is Size Medium from Etsy. First I was really drawn to the name, then when I took a look at the clothes I saw the high quality in which they were made. As I looked a little more closely I found I loved so many of the pieces; they are definitely feminine, which is fun, but they also look really wearable, which is essential in my book.  I also love that there are a lot of little details that have a vintage feel, yet they are totally contemporary, excellent. I love subtle surprises, so I quickly decided this was a favorite for me. But as I learned more about this shop and the philosophy behind it I knew I wanted to learn even more and also to share this fabulous find! Diana, of Size Medium, was kind enough to do an interview with me so I could get a little more information on her shop and the wonderful philosophy behind it.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop on Etsy?

I am your typical girlie girl, I love all things pink, sparkly and pretty!! But I also have a bit of boy in me... I am very active, I like to get my hands dirty, and I am all about comfort. I started sewing at a very young age, taking lead from my mother who is a tailor. I would watch in fascination as she pieced together little bits of fabric into one marvelous creation. Once I started designing and sewing my own clothing, I kept true to the girlie-girl in me by creating very feminine pieces, but also gave into my tomboyish ways by working with only soft, breathable fabrics and creating garments that were lavishly comfortable. I opened a shop on Etsy, which had quickly become my favorite place to search for unique handmade items, at the encouragement of my friends who truly expressed a love and interest in my pieces.

I love your shop's tagline "because women are not designed to fit the world of one standard size," can you tell us more about this/what is your inspiration behind this?

I would always find it frustrating when I would see a woman pick up a beautiful piece of clothing in a store, gush over the fabric, louvre the cut and style, then look at the tag and say, "Oh, this a size 6 and I'm a size 8, it's not going to fit" and then put it back on the rack. Unless every piece of clothing is cut the same way and created out of fabric with the exact same amount of stretch, you will never be stuck on just one specific size, girls! The clothing that I purchase fluctuates between three different sizes dependent on how it is made, And even then, sometimes I wish parts of garments could be adjusted without any major tailoring. So one day I started thinking about the clothing in my closet and the areas where I consistently found myself fussing... and before I knew it I was creating designs that were versatile and could accommodate a range of body shapes.

How do you feel about the way women are portrayed in fashion?

I am always keeping an eye on fashion trends, and even more so, I love drooling over pretty showcases and unique fashion photography. But, and here is a BIG BUT... I truly wish the industry would change it's marketing designs to reflect real women with real bodies. There are so many body types... tall, short, slim, curvy, athletic... each one is beautiful in it's own way. Especially as women, we need to recognize and embrace that.

What kind of woman do you envision when you design clothes?

Honestly, I think of myself, lol. I think to myself: do I really truly love this? Do I see myself wearing this? Is it practical? Can it be carried from day into night? Do I see myself LIVING in it? How versatile is this piece?

What is your favorite material to work with?

I absolutely adore cotton. It's soft. It's breathable. It's  comfortable. It's wearable and washable and makes sense for every day life :)

You have an Etsy shop and a really great blog OneCraftyFox; for others out there that may just be getting started can you share with us how to do find time to do it all?

I say, don't go crazy with it. Create only when you feel inspired... this way you will consistently produce something you love and can be proud of. And if you love it, others will love it too.

For other bloggers or Etsy shop owners, (or both), what is one key point of advice that you can share?

Stay true to your own style and don't try to be someone, or produce something, that is not reflective of you. Your best results will come from your best work which always comes from the heart.

Thank you so much, Diana, for taking the time to share your story, philosophy and your shop with us. I think what you do is really inspiring and I absolutely adore the concept behind your shop and product. Not to mention (again) that they look impeccably made!

Here are some more examples of Diana's beautifully crafted work from her shop Size Medium

i love vintage inspired looks and this top is calling my name. find it here.

i couldn't resist adding another one of these gorgeous tunics! find it here.

 i heart this skirt so much! it makes me want an office job in a 1940's detective agency. find it here.

 this dress absolutely defines the day to night look to me! find it here.

 can you say fall is here? this is a perfect skirt to add to your fall wardrobe. and if you love pockets as much as i do...find it here.

i can absolutely see myself in this shirt with my leggings and boots, being cozy in my house (because that's where i am all the time) but feeling like if i wanted to, (or had the opportunity) i could totally hit the town in this! find it here.

You can also check out my interview (for my shop plumed) with Diana on her blog OneCraftyFox HERE


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, this is simply lovely and I feel so honored!

  2. Love the white with blue flowers and the one you grabbed. Very talented lady. Tammy

  3. Di is SOOOOO talented!!! I love everything she does.

  4. What a great shop! Thanks for the heads up. From VB

  5. Great Post!! I think all of her items are amazing especially the white top.

    Member to Remember

  6. Really Nice Clothes . I'm Already Following . Anna

  7. Hi! I found you on handmadeology and am stopping by to show some blog follow love! I hope you can stop by my blog: www.manoymetal.blogspot.com too! I love monday connection! :D Have a great day!


  8. Truly wonderful clothes - now if I could find an etsy shop called size large. I'm visiting from the friends to remember list. You have a wonderful site.


  9. So cute and easy! i will try it, thanks for sharing.


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