Gearing Up For Black Friday? Buy Handmade!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday is almost HERE! However, with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the latest Black Friday door busters opening at 12 am at some places (Thanksgiving night!) this whole consumerism and Black Friday thing has been getting some negative media attention. Is it really fair to make workers come to work at midnight the day after Thankgiving? (er, midnight is not really the day after in my book!) Well, a lot of people don't think so. I think it's a little zealous myself, but I am not begrudging the biggest shopping day of the year. The idea is fun; I got up at 4am once but all I got were some free donut holes and cheap coffee. I suppose I don't have the money to spend, on the real savings, and even if I did I wouldn't want to clobber anyone for four mega inch flat screen t.v's. So I usually end up participating in Buy Nothing Day by default. ("Buy Nothing Day," is a movement intended to stop and think about what you purchase and is recognized on, you guessed, Black Friday); but buying nothing isn't very much fun at all.

So where am I a going with all this, you may be wondering? Well, another option or for those looking for a great excuse to turn your mother-in-law down to getting up at 3am after five platefuls of turkey and two pumpkin pies, yet still partake in the in the carnival of gift giving is to BUY HANDMADE! And even if you are willing to risk be trampled on by the masses, (you know there is someone that is going to be -sad face-) buying handmade is a good way to get some of your shopping done; at least after you get back home with your new black eye and 50 inch TV's. Or if you are participating in Buy Nothing Day, you can stay up till midnight on the day after-after Thanksgiving and log on to your computer and do some "local" shopping. Maybe we could call it Chartreuse Saturday (green is just too overdone).

As stated, consumerism has a pretty negative connotation attached to it these days. But we are a consumer culture and it's an important aspect of keeping the wheels a'spinning. But we can make good buying choices, we can make purchases that we know have a direct positive impact for our communities. In the last few month of selling my good on Etsy I found this has all led me to a place of being much more conscientious of how I spend my money. Not to say I wasn't already, but it takes new meaning when the money that I receive for my handmade goods is directly from those that support local sellers - be it someone down the street or on a marketplace like Etsy. I just can't in good conscious take that money and run off to Wal-Mart, I want to put it back into the hands of other self supporting business owners - which more likely than not turns into more creative genius, groceries, or shoes for their little tots toes.

Buying local or buying from Etsy can be more expensive, for sure, but I have found with this new perspective things I would have bought just because I could afford them often end up in a category of "yeah, I don't really need that" and I find myself "needing" much less, getting higher quality goods and really thinking about my purchases. Buying in these places can also garner quality and personalized gifts that will leave the receiver feeling thought of and special (aw). So, this holiday season I am pledging to support other smaller business owners, at least in addition to the wish list items that I simply can't get handmade. This is always been something that was important to me but I have such a deeper understanding for it now and respect for people that shop local and support local economies and people. Another great reason for shopping on Etsy is that you get global products but are still making "local" purchases. With that I mean, you are still supporting individual people but you can do so and still get products from all over the world!

If you are looking for some great handmade options check out my gift guide on PINTEREST almost all of the items listed are from fabulous creative folks on ETSY. You can also check out Etsy's Treasuries, there are tons of gift guide treasury lists there; many with items under 30, 20 and 10 dollars!

So tell me... Are you buying handmade? If so I'd love to hear what your reasons are for buying handmade this holiday season and some of your favorites too!

If you find you need a few head over to Poppytalk and read this amazing list 101 Reasons To Buy Handmade  If you are a handmade artist it's really fun to read this list as well, it gives you pause to think about all the great things that you do! And maybe you don't even realize it.


  1. I for one think 24 hours should be given to each employee on the big holidays every year. From say noon to noon the next day. I am sure big stores can afford such a gift to their employees.

    HANDMADE, being that I'm a seamstress who makes her living on the dimes and dollars of others, I fully support this statement. But, even if I couldn't sew, handmade is the most original gift anyone could give. LOVE YOUR POST.

    Happy thanksgiving. Hugs. Tammy

  2. I love buying handmade and try to do more and more of it each year. This year I started a Holiday Shop Hop to try and help all my blog friends out there who were wondering how to get more traffic to their sites and get more people to buy handmade items.

    I love your "Buy with Love" sign - it really says it all!! Great Post!

  3. I enjoyed this post so much. I am a hardcore DIY-er so I am definitely a fan of anything handmade. Lol, am on it!


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