Etsy Talk: Show Some Love & Support Fellow Etsians With Just A Few Clicks

Thursday, November 3, 2011

With so many changes within Etsy lately and "marketing" and "ads" being a huge topic of conversation among Etsians, I have found that there are ways we can help other shops and bloggers by using the free advertising we have at our finger tips everyday. I know first hand for busy shop owners participating in helping "promote" other peoples works, shops and blogs can fall to the bottom of your to-do list and may not be the type of advertising weighing on your mind. But I have found that taking a couple minutes of your day is a free and worthy investment in just good old fashioned karma and of course it is a great time to do so with the fabulous season of giving fast approaching. Oh, and it doesn't hurt you or your shop to do so either, in fact it often helps!

The holiday season is here and while we may not be able to buy every single one of the fantastic items we sooo want to buy on Etsy, we can still share in the spirit of supporting the handmade community by showing a little love to our fellow Etsy shop owners and bloggers. So, while you are updating your shop or daydreaming about your own holiday wish list, I have come up with a few simple ways to show the love with little to no time spent.

So here they are in all their underrated glory - a few ideas that literally take under one minute each and why they are a good idea:
  • First step...See a shop you like? Add them to your circle. The more circles you are in and others are in the more everybody gets seen. And with your "circles" being on your activity page I find this a really simple venue to offer support in. When someone in "my" circle likes someone else (and I see I do too), I add that person and my circle grows - and then so does my opportunity to show some more love to my fellow Etsians.
  •  Favorite other peoples shops and items! If you like it why not say so? Confidence is key to success so why not send little hearts to people and keep their confidence growing : )
  •  Look at a couple treasuries that are in your circle. Like what you see? If you have the time make a comment, favorite it, or share it with others. 
  • If someone adds your item to their treasury, comment and say thank you. Add it to your favorite treasuries list; share it on social networking sites. It's a win-win because you are helping promote others as well as your treasured goods.
  • See an item or blog post you LOVE or like a whole lot? Pin it to Pinterest, share a link on Facebook or Twitter, or Stumble It. These accounts for me are usually always open, so it's super simple to just click the button!
  • Follow blogs and shops that you like on Twitter and Facebook, and, hey, you just might get a follow back!
These may seem like really simple things, and they are, which is why they are things everyone can do. And by doing them you aren't ensuring that a shop is going to take off because you tweeted about it, but the more exposure we all have the better off we are all. And as an Etsy community, getting the word out about it as a great place to buy the best gifts around through other sites is just a darned good idea. And just remember when you promote someone else or show them a little love you are also getting yourself and your product out there too! And don't forget to connect your shop/blog when and where you can. The word on the virtual street is backlinks are key and some of these methods help provide them for others and yourself!


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