Tutorial {Felted Sweater-Scraps Wreath Ornaments}

Monday, November 14, 2011

This cute little "sweater-scraps" wreath ornament is really, really easy to make! In fact I made this one here with the help of one of my three year old twins.

What you need:

Some sort of sweater scraps (it doesn't have to be "felted," it can be made of any old sweater, felt or paper for that matter - but paper would require a lot more cutting!)


Wire (I used brass wire)

Wire cutters

And a little ribbon for a bow that you can stitch to the wreath or to add a string to the top to hang it with.

What you do is cut your material into small square shapes. For our 3 inch size wreath and felted sweater squares, which is pretty bulky I cut about  25 pieces of two different colors.

Cut a wire piece that is about 4 inches longer than you want your wreath circumference to be. So I cut about 10 inches.

Then start sticking your pieces through the center onto the wire! This was were my three year old helper came into play. It ended up being a good play-learning exercise because we alternated colors, so my son was able to practice that concept along with his colors.

Then when you have enough on there, just push them to the center and bring your extra wire together and start twisting it. Then loop it over and attach the end of your twisted wire to the top of your wire wreath. You can make a big hoop to use for hanging or a small loop and then attach a ribbon to hang it.

That was it. All in all it took about 20 minutes : ) You can also make a large size wreath using the same method and materials to hang on your door or even for a nice little handmade holiday gift!


  1. PERFECTION! This would be so easy for little ones to get involved in. Wonderful idea. Thanks for the share!

  2. What an absolutely great idea! I love it and I'll try it!

  3. Congratulations on being a featured member of voiceBoks! You are so talented! Looks like your Christmas gifts to everyone won't cost you much this year!


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