The Holiday Hangover...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you feeling a little like this? I certainly am and this could be a pretty accurate image of my inner feelings of sluggishness but you'd seriously have to trade that nighty for some old worn out yoga pants and a long shirt; and instead of a bottle of booze and records, toss in some toddlers, train tracks and empty pie tins.

I feel like I have been on a 4 week bender, only to wake up surrounded by empty bottles and the chaos I created. Wondering, "Oh my god, what have I been doing?" Sadly there is no booze involved in this hangover. It's most likely culprit is sugar and trans-fats. On days like this I wonder how I ever accomplish anything at all?! Today it's impossible to fathom how I made around 60 pillows for gift givers through my etsy shop in a few very short weeks? How I then gathered enough presents together, both bought and crafted, for my own family? Crammed a couple weeks worth of holiday festivities into about 3 days, ate enough food to last a family of 12 a couple weeks and did so with that thing called energy; that thing called energy of which I seriously now seem to be lacking. I am having trouble envisioning a future where I ever get up off my couch again...

Well, this is why Christmas only comes once a year folks because it takes the other 11 moths of the year to recuperate. Or so it feels as though it will today. But was it worth it? Yes, of course it was.

Just look at those cute and happy faces!

Drumroll, please.....SMS Giveaway Winner....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Congrats to Jill {thatmoxiegirl}! 

And thank you to everyone who entered to win and shared such wonderful and personal reflections on "home." I really enjoyed reading all of these comments; at first I thought I would post a few of my favorites but there were just too many! I feel so very inspired by all the comments of home. So, again, thank you ALL!

"home is where the heart is"

And for those that didn't win a pillow gratis, feel free to get 10% off your pillow order in the future at my shop Plumed using the code word LULOBIRD

And thanks to Sew Mama Sew for hosting the best giveaway madness around!

40 Great Etsy Finds For Under $40!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call me bias, I don't care! I love Etsy and do think it is the best place to shop for unique Holiday gifts. Here are a few select choices, well, 40 of them, that I have chosen that fit the criteria of great stocking stuffers, wonderful handcrafted items at great prices and unique items you just won't find anywhere else! And most everything on this list manages to fit all of those categories - depending on what size stockings you will be hanging this year, of course.

Without further adieu, here is my best of etsy holiday gift guide...(And, no, that's not a typo up top, everything really is under $40 and most things are well under that!) Ho Ho Ho!

Stocking Stuffers!

$16.00 wooden guitar picks by Ricks Pens

$5.50 Meow Mitts Knitting Pattern by Tiny Owls Magic Attic

$4.50 Japanese Washi Tape by Pretty Tape

$9.50 Organic Washcloths by Sweetbriers

$15.00 Recycled Skateboard Spinning Top by Trillium Artisans

$12.00 Woven Fabric Necklace by Nanoukiko

$9.00 6 Piece Sample Soap Pack by Herbivore Botanicals 

$14.00  Ornament by mbartstudios

$20.00 Little Rabbit Girls Necklace Original Oil Painting by Maayan Art

 $10.00 Colored Pencils Ink and Paper Supplies

$12.00 + Free Shipping! Feather Earrings by Goddess of Jewelery

Great Handmade Finds At Great Prices

$32.00 Burnt Orange Calla Lilly Earrings by Kristiana Rose

$12.00 I love thee with depth and breadth and height my soul can reach 8x10 print by Say It Sweet

$38.00 Slouchy Hat by Mojo Spa Style

Personalized Toy Camera by Little Sapling Toys

$34.00 Cuckoo Clock Wood Panel by decoylab

$10.00 Original Oil Painting Print 4x4 or 4x6 by Juniper Days

$32.00 Swarovski Necklace by Glitz Glitter

$35.00 Hammered Copper Mens Belt Buckle by Foster Weld

$35.00 Green Bag by Marbled

$28.00 Teepee and Canoe Playset by Tweet Toys

$18.00 Ladies sewing tee by Caustic Threads

$15.99 Gold Dipped Ring by A Merry Mishap

$32.00 Waldorf Baby Dolls by Sewn Nautrual

Unique Items

$28.00 Vintage Brass Ball Locket  by Paperface Studio

$24.00 He-Man Wallet Made of Recycled Book Pages by Sweetly Wrapped

$14.00 Mustache Ornament by Lenny Mud

$18.00 Vintage Plate with Skeleton Stag by Austin Modern

$40.00 Owl Girl by Melabo

$15.00 Oh Deer Me Candle by Theme Fragrance

$20.00 Iphone/Ipod Case by Crank Cases 

$15.50 Cockroach Ceramic Plate by Catherine Reece

$22.00 Girl Boy Vintage Pillows by Vintage Jane

$12.05 Polaroid Picture Coasters by Just Noey

 $28.00 ABC's Porcelain Cup by Stepanka

$25.00 Cloud Factory (i love this btw!) by Pearson Maron

$23.00 Shark Punch Men's Tee by Sharp Shirter

$12.00 Skeleton Ornaments by Cart Before The Horse

$20.00 Personalized Fabric Dolls by Travel Size Me 

$20.00 Antlers Print by Monorail

So many of these shops have many more amazing items and trust me it was so difficult to pick just ONE item to feature here - so be sure to check them out; these are just my personal favorites from their shops, you might find something else you like better! Happy shopping!

Favorite Finds | 6 | Tagxedo

Friday, December 9, 2011

I ran just across this online tool that allows you to turn pictures into works of "word art!" The website is called Tagxedo and with the holidays coming up I thought I would share for anyone that might be looking to make some personalized crafty goodies . It seems that this might be a great way to turn a few minutes into a really lovely gift for someone. They have a shop as well where you can get your creations put onto just about anything: t-shits, mugs, bags...

I played around with it for a few minutes this evening and here is my creation I made with my mother in mind (for this one I didn't upload my own photo, I just used one of their stock shapes): 

Here is one of Frida Kahlo from their online gallery (I have not figured out exactly how you get them to look this cool though - if you do let me know! I love this one.)

If you make something and post it to your blog leave me the link in my comments section so I can come check it out!

Favorite Finds | 5 | A Very Vintage Christmas

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas and vintage go together for me like candy canes and hot cocoa. Growing up my grandparents and I would decorate the tree with old ornaments, ones that my mom made out of tin foil and egg crates, delicate iridescent glass ornaments and lights that I am 100% certain were a serious fire hazard. They came from a generation where you added to things but you never threw them out. So in decorating, I would often imagine Christmas' of days past and thus my love of vintage was born. Christmas is nostalgic, it may be a bit indulgent, but part of that indulgence is to make memories, carry out traditions, and for that, I love it. 

  I think this love of vintage and Christmas is pretty universal (I use that term pretty losely); we love the old Christmas music by Bing Crosby and Johnny Mathis. We love the old Christmas movies like White Christmas, It's a Wonderful life and Miracle on 34th Street. So today I have gathered a few of my favorite Christmas vintage finds. Most of these are available on Etsy!


Here is one of my most cherished Christmas decorations, Mr. Styrofoam Santa himself. When my grandparents passed this was what I wanted most. It encompassed my love of hearing stories about my grandparents childhood and my mothers; memories of  my own childhood and all the wonderful times we spent together as a family. My grandparents hung him on the back door every year; actually they squished him between the window on the door and the curtain, which is why his nose is a little broken up. But he was there with his little crossed eyes and rosy cheeks, announcing Christmas was here! Now he is here in my house hanging on my back door and I just couldn't imagine a Christmas without him.

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration or memory that gets you feeling all warm and nostalgic? 

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