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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas and vintage go together for me like candy canes and hot cocoa. Growing up my grandparents and I would decorate the tree with old ornaments, ones that my mom made out of tin foil and egg crates, delicate iridescent glass ornaments and lights that I am 100% certain were a serious fire hazard. They came from a generation where you added to things but you never threw them out. So in decorating, I would often imagine Christmas' of days past and thus my love of vintage was born. Christmas is nostalgic, it may be a bit indulgent, but part of that indulgence is to make memories, carry out traditions, and for that, I love it. 

  I think this love of vintage and Christmas is pretty universal (I use that term pretty losely); we love the old Christmas music by Bing Crosby and Johnny Mathis. We love the old Christmas movies like White Christmas, It's a Wonderful life and Miracle on 34th Street. So today I have gathered a few of my favorite Christmas vintage finds. Most of these are available on Etsy!


Here is one of my most cherished Christmas decorations, Mr. Styrofoam Santa himself. When my grandparents passed this was what I wanted most. It encompassed my love of hearing stories about my grandparents childhood and my mothers; memories of  my own childhood and all the wonderful times we spent together as a family. My grandparents hung him on the back door every year; actually they squished him between the window on the door and the curtain, which is why his nose is a little broken up. But he was there with his little crossed eyes and rosy cheeks, announcing Christmas was here! Now he is here in my house hanging on my back door and I just couldn't imagine a Christmas without him.

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration or memory that gets you feeling all warm and nostalgic? 


  1. I LOVE this post. My siblings didn't want any of the ornaments from when we grew up, so I got the vintage treasures. I always look forward to pulling them out of the box and decorating the tree ;)

  2. This is very nice! I remember my mom having decorations like the candles, but it was a Rudolph. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Christmas decors are very nice! I haven't done my own Christmas decoration at home and looking forward next year. This post inspires me to do my best so my family would feel the warm spirit of Christmas celebration.

    Following you from voiceBoks!


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