The Holiday Hangover...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you feeling a little like this? I certainly am and this could be a pretty accurate image of my inner feelings of sluggishness but you'd seriously have to trade that nighty for some old worn out yoga pants and a long shirt; and instead of a bottle of booze and records, toss in some toddlers, train tracks and empty pie tins.

I feel like I have been on a 4 week bender, only to wake up surrounded by empty bottles and the chaos I created. Wondering, "Oh my god, what have I been doing?" Sadly there is no booze involved in this hangover. It's most likely culprit is sugar and trans-fats. On days like this I wonder how I ever accomplish anything at all?! Today it's impossible to fathom how I made around 60 pillows for gift givers through my etsy shop in a few very short weeks? How I then gathered enough presents together, both bought and crafted, for my own family? Crammed a couple weeks worth of holiday festivities into about 3 days, ate enough food to last a family of 12 a couple weeks and did so with that thing called energy; that thing called energy of which I seriously now seem to be lacking. I am having trouble envisioning a future where I ever get up off my couch again...

Well, this is why Christmas only comes once a year folks because it takes the other 11 moths of the year to recuperate. Or so it feels as though it will today. But was it worth it? Yes, of course it was.

Just look at those cute and happy faces!


  1. I got some new comfy yoga pants for Christmas - they have yet to see any yoga'ing, but I am pretty much living in them these days. Happy New Year!

  2. OMG, you described me perfectly. Today at lunch my body actually craved salad and veggies. The thought of even looking at another Christmas cookie or butter-laden side dish makes me ill. Although I will not remember this by the time Christmas comes around next year. I will do the very same thing again.

    Wishing you a very Happy and yes, Healthy New Year!

  3. I hear ya! Christmas always feels chaotic. Unfortunately I scheduled my winter "break" to catch up on all the things I've been falling behind on. :( Here's to starting the New Year with a clean slate!! Happy New Year!

  4. HAve tou been peeking in my window...I've got the train track & hot wheel track too!!! =^D

    Stopping by from vB

  5. That is the truth! I'm so over the 6 heavy meals per day that we eat, the endless running around in search of that last minute item, parties that you'd rather not be at, and choir rehearsals galore. Looking forward to some real rest and relaxation. But Happy New Year anyway!

  6. I's a killer, huh! I love your image of empty pie tins...literally;)

  7. Totally!!! I'm exhausted, and the couch looks soooo inviting - lol :)
    Carla aka Mrs. No-No


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