Dear Frye's I LOVE You! {and other shoe crushes}

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Fryes,

I have adored you for quite awhile, I think of you often, see you everywhere and dream about the next time we will meet. But, lately, this has gotten out of hand. You know when you want something but you can't have it so you want it even more? Which results in a kind of like fatal attraction. Well, I got an email from a certain shoe vendor in which said they were having a huge sale on their Frye's...this was a trap. Normally, when I know that my obsession is running high and is unattainable I will not look, I will not torture myself by even acknowledging this. Say for example with Mac computers - I have wanted one for a long time, but I cannot afford one, so I stay away. But when I had to go into the Apple store for my broken Iphone and came face to face with the computer of my dreams I obsessed for a good solid week over that darn computer. I stalked it online, daydreamed about spending time together, decorating around it and having fantasies about how I could acquire one - which I will not even go into all that! Anyway, so, I opened said email and what did I see? Rows and rows of pretty Fryes staring back at me. I immediately started having fantasies of outfits, of which I do not own, in which you were the star; me out on errands, I do not run, in super cute tights and my new Fryes. Torture I tell you, torture! Now, the sad part is this was a few days ago in which I found their huge sale was not so huge. (Every shoe I liked was only about 5% off, which really doesn't help with $300 shoes and a lack of shoe funds). But I continue to keep looking and cannot get you out of my mind!!

Oh my goodness! I cannot even describe how much I want these shoes right here! It makes me feels a little / a lot depressed thinking I might not own this shoe anytime soon. Jeans, dress, fun and bright tights...Fran X Stitch Fryes

I have wanted these boots for a long time, like 20 years long time. But I always go back and forth on them. I am back to wanting them. Pops of color are back in fashion and this "banana" leather color is pretty great.

 This would be the second shoe I obsess on most. I want, I want, I want.
 These are just too cute and sweet. However, reality tells me this heel would not be my friend.

These actually look practical for the summer and I would probably wear them A LOT, so I think I should have these addition to the others of course. And look at how cute that little detail is on the heel!

These shoes, oh man, I can really see myself living in these little oxfords. Cute, fashionable, practical and comfortable, bring it on! Pleeeeaaase...

Ok, now even in my fantasies these shoes hurt my feet and I take them off immediately. But they are pretty cute and they would be fun to hold and look at and try on at home sometimes - but I certainly don't have that kind money - so I am happy to admire these ones from a distance. You can find all these Frye's styles here.

So Frye's are pretty spendy not in the ranks of Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik; but not for the faint of heart either. About 200 to 400 a pair, which is why I dream little dreams about these shoes.

BUT here are the shoes I actually buy (er, or have bought in my past, when I bought shoes) which are more affordable and have lots of great styles. They are also comfortable because I hate it when my toes touch too closely together and I have very low tolerance for shoe pain... Here are my go to brands...

Indigo (by Clarks) 
This means they are still super comfortable but way cuter than their dad Clark! Find them here

I really, really love these and they run just a little over a hundred. 

Miz Mooz  - find these styles here

I love both of these so much!!! If I were in a store trying these on I am sure I would end up in a sweaty showdown trying to decide between them. They run between 60 and 120. And let me say it was really difficult to choose which shoes to feature here, Miz Mooz has a huge selection of shoes that make me go gaga.

Jeffrey Campbell - Find a HUGE selection here

So I have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I absolutely love. They are super comfortable and were really reasonably priced, adorable but practical. Since then the majority of the designs have gotten a little coocoocachoo for me and would just not fit my lifestyle at all but are fun to look at.

This is the coocoocachoo I am talking about which are actually sold out online! This just looks way too whacky and terrifying for me...but fear not there are still some style for the more sensible chic

 These boots would make a really great new home for my feet.

And how fun are these? Okay, not totally practical but super cute! We are just fantasizing right?

Well, I probably just completely over-shared in my shoe fantasies but being as I cannot indulge in actual real-life shoe shopping, nor do I need really cute shoes to run to the store or hang out at my house, this is the next best thing. Which are your favorites?


  1. Haha...I can't help but laugh reading this. I used to have a shoe obsession. Then I got a puppy who chewed through 10 pairs of my shoes in 14 days. No joke. I cried. A lot. And now I have a 3 month old baby girl, so me and tennis shoes are best friends right now. One day I'll be able to go into a shoe store without day :) Loved reading this...found you on VB :)

    1. yeah, my love of shoes has no reflection on my need for them or my daily life. Even the nice shoes that do have (beyond my boots) rarely get taken out of my closet for more than the occasional solo dress party. But shoes are the one thing that make me wish my life was full of really cool outings and had places to go beyond the grocery store ; )

  2. Your shoe obsession is my jeans obsession. Dare to dream!

  3. Ooooh, my favorite are the ones at the very top. Ultra cute! I could wear those with just about everything I own. :-)


  4. The ones at the top are my favorite! Love them :-) Now I must go check them out myself online...

    1. yep, those are my favorite! those are what are making me a feel a little obsessive. i really need those shoes! but i will be happy for you if you get them!

  5. I am a sucker for skecher's. Although I found a great pair of clogs at foreman mills for 6.99. Not exactly Manolo's, but I didn't complain.
    Jill from VB

  6. I like the yellowish long boot much, stylish with reliability of pure and well shaped lather.


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