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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who doesn't know Eames chairs for their mod and comfortable design. The rocker makes the classic all that more amazing!If I was rich and having another baby, which I am absolutely NOT doing, but just for the sake of pretend design, which is what I do... If I was designing a nursery for my future super stylish child, I would stick one of these in the corner.  Eames Molded Plastic Rocker

I love this chair made of bent plywood and leather! It is at once sleek and modern, yet totally inviting and warm. So fantastic! Via

 This chair is minimalist luxury! For one it would work in many styles, not just really modern designs, but could be incorporated in other design styles seamlessly. The wood is so pretty yet the design of the chair is really simple. Love! Via

Oh, I wish this wonderfully styled photo was a little lighter! This reclaimed wood custom loveseat chair is modern but has that rustic charm that we just can't seem to get enough of these days.  This one is on Etsy from Hammersheels

 What is it about "plastic" chairs that allures me so? I don't know - I have never actually owned one. I think it's so far from my naturally inclined aesthetic that the little modernist in me whats to gobble it up. Well these are actually fiberglass and they are, well, I guess cool would be the best word to describe them. Very cool. Via

 This chair pretty much epitomizes the modern chair - it is both functional and sculptural. I have to say this one would make a great addition to a kids room too. You can actually flip it over and it looks a bit like a volcanco, flip is back and it's a perfect seat for a reading nook. I want this chair!



  1. Awesome chairs! The plastic outdoor chairs are my favorite!

  2. Very different and stylish. I like the rocker.


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