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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I embroider, a lot, which is pretty time consuming. My etsy shop, Plumed, is mostly embroidered pillows and many of my sales are custom items. I can understand why some may shy away from this craft because of that but the cool thing about it being so time consuming is I get really familiar with my customers. Because I spend so much time on a piece I remember them very well. Much of the work I do is personal, custom and meaningful to the person making the purchase and I get to be apart of that. Not only do I remember who they are and the stories behind the orders but I often remember what I was doing and what was going on in my own life when I was making their special piece. This has inspired me to make a "memory quilt." I'd like to embroider little pictures/sayings that reflect times in my life. I am okay with this taking a long time...years even. For one, a memory quilt with only a month or two worth of memories isn't what I am going after. And, two, I need to learn how to make a quilt!

(c) Christine Dinsmore, Plumed 2012
here is an example of a custom order i recently completed for a customer. it's a valentines gift that she is framing. so sweet! this is what i have in mind but on a smaller scale of course; this is an 11x15 piece

this is the first piece i have set aside for my quilt. when i first started doing embroidery again this was a little practice piece i made. it's not perfect (that bird is especially sad looking) but it's special to me because embroidery actually changed my life! weird, i know. 

Here are some really great memory quilts to be inspired by. 

Made from ties by a website that makes custom memory quilts for folks. This is so cool!! If I had a dad who wore ties (er, or any dad for that matter) I would love to do this. But, hey, who needs a dad when you've got thrift stores?! Love this idea Via

t-shirt memory quilt - made using old tee's Via

Via Etsy "This is a really, really old quilt square. probably 19th century. It's from a memory quilt (sometimes called friendship quilt) where several women make one square and add their name or a quote. The squares are then all sewn together and given to the recipient to remember their friends." I LOVE this. Velvet and satin quilts are just gorgeous. That added sentiment in this piece sends me over the moon. I wish we made more stuff for our friends like this these days...

This antique quilt is so inspiring. All had stitched (i am assuming) with scraps of beautiful fabrics and hand decorative stitching. This would be such a great project to do with pieces of textiles you may have from your old clothes, or those of your family;  memories of your first apartment, your wedding, baby's favorite blanket... Via

Now I need to go investigate the break-up of Seal and Heidi Klum. I loved them together! Maybe because they are so "unconventional," yet, seem to be one of the most normal hollywood couples!  (They met while she was pregnant with her daughter that was not seals biological child. But he was there for the birth and later adopted her. They went on to have 3 more kids). Heidi was pregnant every other season of Project Runway showing you can still work it while you are pregnant - which I loved. Probably because I was pregnant with my twins when I started watching P.R. (on a side note: that was the best time to be pregnant with twins! because it was totally en vouge! all the best of hollywood was pregnant with twins) Well, I could go on about why they were my favorite hollywood couple but once I start talking about it out-loud it starts to make me feel a little weird. Anyway, it's just too sad! Hollywood, hollywood, hollywood.

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  1. That tie quilt is pretty awesome! I have a dad with a tie collection and I don't believe he wears any of them.


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