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Monday, January 23, 2012

Did your mommy leave you sweet little notes inside your lunch box? No? Mine didn't either. But moms did and do lots of other amazing things that let us know we were loved and cherished. So here is a sweet(and easy) little V-day gift tutorial for yo mama to show her how sweet her love was and still is, and how much you love her too! (Obviously you can use a different name or leave it blank to give this gift to another valentine. Whatever you want to do, the power to choose is all yours.)  This one says mom because when I think of handmade valentines I am harkened back to grade school and the gifts we made for our moms. Mom's love handmade stuff the best, and always will, no matter how hip handmade ever gets.  So this is for all the mom's that have always loved our crafted goodies!

This is a super easy and quick craft and you can totally make this on Feb 13th and no one will ever know. It's a good one to incorporate with the kiddos too. They can help with the cutting (supervised of course) or if they are a chip off the old block and a little older, they can probably tackle this one all on their own!

First you need to cut off the cuff of an old sweater. 
Then you need some red felt. I traced my heart first (a size that will fit your cuff) and then sewed on "mom" before I cut it so I had a bigger piece of material to hold in my hand while I was embroidering "mom" on there. Then you simply cut your heart out (um, your felt heart!). After you have embroidered or chosen not to, you will stitch it on your cuff.

If want to go for a decorative stitch around the heart feel free. But I just stitched this on willy-nilly to show that you don't have to have mad embroidery skills to do this project. Just be sure to leave the top open so you have a little pocket to place your notes.

That's it! Make mom a cup of coffee, write a little good-fortune note and voila, Happy Valentine's Mom!


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