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Thursday, January 19, 2012

After I figure out which color to paint my living room (which I have been pondering for about 4 months now - so who knows when that will be), I am going to start hanging some art around mi casa, with a little more design purpose than I have going on at the moment. Here are some photos of inspiration...

This is not actually what I have in mind because dusting just isn't my forte and this looks like a real dust trap...but it's designed beautifully. Maybe in my next life I will be better at dusting... In fact I'd have to eliminate the old dried flowers too. I kinda think hate might actually not be too strong word to describe my feelings on dried flowers. I am sure the dust has something to do with it. And the crumpling they do, and stiff way they move when you try to do something with them, or the way they seem to be rooted to the vase when you try to remove them. I look at them and just feel confused, then angry. So love this without the dried flowers. I do like finding a little dried flower in a book though, say something like a buttercup. {I don't know the original source for this but I found it Via}

I love the mix of art on her wall. If I did this I would be sure it looked horrible but this is what I am leaning towards doing because a) none of my frames match b) my art is all random pieces c) i need to go into this project without the idea of hanging my art with an precision or i will end up sweaty and wide-eyed at 3 o'clock in the morning straightening frames. d) it looks warm and cozy and unpretentious and that's kinda like me and my style. By Kristen Buckingham Via 

 love, love, love the way the art and photos are displayed in this one! It really feels like it is an extension of their home more than "designed" - though it is designed wonderfully. I don't know what is at the very top? Polaroids? Tiny picture frames? via

I love this painting! I wish I had some real knowledge on art but I don't. Does anyone know who the artist is??? Gorgeous. Via

I also have some antlers I need to hang; I love how these are placed so subtly in the room. By Gary Spain

I love that this is both eclectic and pretty symmetrical- this is actually how I will try to model my art wall. I like the space between them too. I am naturally cluttered so - walls with art too close together makes me have panic attacks about all the closets in my house that need to be cleaned out. Via

How gorgeous is this bedroom?! It's probably good my bedroom looks nothing like this because I don't think I would ever leave it! I want that bedding too and I wish everything was labeled with where everything came from! Oh, those little yellow pillows are killing me.
Ok, now for the art collage wall...I love the deep, deep teal walls. This color makes that close grouping of art and photos look cohesive and warm without looking cluttered. But while this color might be great for a boudoire I think it might be a little too dark for my living area - which is naturally dark anyway - despite my wall of windows! How is that is possible?  Argh Via

Has anyone tried an art wall before? Did it turn out? My biggest fear is getting tired of it or feeling like something is out of place and it taunting me all the time. Which is crazy because there are a million things out of place in my house at any given moment that I choose to ignore for weeks or even months. I just know trying to get a bunch of pieces that don't match, yet look cohesive and not messy - to make it all look a little accidental on purpose, well, it's a big job friends. It's a big scary job.


  1. The whole purpose of wall art is to set it free in my humble opinion. To NOT be exact. To be free with placement, color and fixation. I tend to find walls that are extremely precise to be a bit of a bore. That is not to say I don't appreciate the efforts of the hanger of said items, it's just not my cup of tea. I vote for the many fixed frames empty or full... if you feel it overwhelming.. try doing your frames either all wood, all one color family or all the photos to be in common some how. Maybe that will help you get over your quandry of what to do. I'm with you on dusting.. it's my least favorite chore in the house. I'd rather do the cat box or toilet. Argh. Hugs.

  2. Nicely decor and great combination. I like the gray color scheme the most , Wall structure and gadget color combination is awesome through. Cheers!


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