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Friday, February 17, 2012

{Sailor Swim Suit} Shop: Fables By Barrie

It may have to do with the fact that my grandfather was in the navy, coupled with the fact that I idolized my grandfather and subsequently wanted to join the navy myself for much of my adolescence, but I love almost anything with a nautical flair. Even nets filled with dusty sea shells hanging from the ceilings of sea food restaurants kinda make me happy...from a distance at least - if I woke up with that on my ceiling I am pretty sure I'd have a full blown nervous breakdown. Anyway there is something a bit sentimental and enigmatic about the nautical life that, you know, rocks my boat. Today as much as when I was a little girl. Though by the time I was a teen - the military was definitely out! uh, no thanks. In fact when my first boyfriend joined the Navy the day he turned 18, then realized this idea mortified him, we went to local veterans meetings who helped us to get our senator involved in releasing him from his "duties." Yep, you can actually back out even though they tell you, you can't. But the love of ships and sea continued despite falling out of love with the Navy and my deep phobia of large bodies of water; that should probably say all bodies of water. But there is just something about nautical paraphernalia that still sends my little heart a'sailing.

Design: Suzanne Kasler

Holy Ship! This is one amazing kids room! Via

 I adore this map wallpaper. Via Decor Pad

Now here are some finds to get you started on bringing a little nauti(cal) into your own space... 

{Rope Rug} Shop: Karen's Rope Work

{Thomas Paul Maritime Blanket} Shop All Modern

Coquille Chandelier Shop: Remains.com

{Eco-friendly Wallpaper : Fossil by Eco} Shop: All Modern

{Antique Ships Lantern} Shop: Magic Muti

Face Painter Print Shop: Sophie Blackall

 {Japanese Glass Fishing Float} Shop: Glass Float Junkie

{Clamshell Book Scupture} Shop: Odelae

 My very own the little ode to the ship and the sea Via


  1. love this collection! :)


  2. i have always loved this theme! and oh boy, that ship is INSANE!

  3. Huh! You sounded like me. I fear large bodies of water too but love anything that has to do with water. :)

    Perhaps that's what we call opposites attract or conquering your fear? LOL



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