Vintage Suitcase DIY Design Inspirations

Friday, March 23, 2012

Every spring and summer I start trolling yard sales & estate sales. One item I almost always find are vintage suitcases. I have actually had to get rid of many over the years because at their price points of only a few dollars I can't seem to pass them up. There's something magical about them. How small they once were - how did people pack so little?? Where have they traveled to? Did they go on honeymoons or business trips? Did they cross the country on trains, planes or in station wagons? Who did they belong to? They seem to be these little square vessels with secret stories stashed in their satin linings and sturdy shells. There are some really interesting ways to reuse cases and put them on display to add a plethora of interest to any room. Here are just a few...

Love this room! Using suitcases under the bed is a cute and functional way to add storage to a bedroom.

Too Cute!

Stack 'em for a side table. Done.

Feeling inspired? Here is a really great tutorial I found for turning a vintage suitcase into a chair!


  1. Great blog! I have always had a passion for vintage suitcases, thought/think I could build a little business around my passion but I have hit a slight hitch!! A thrifty person should be able to tell me where to find merchants who supply vintage/antique suitcases Ive just built a website promoting them and all I can find is replica suppliers!! And advise would be very welcome. Steve

  2. Aw~ I couldn’t resist staring at that luggage with a cat lying on top. It looks so comfortable sitting up there! Haha! Anyway… it’s good to know that old pieces of luggage can also be good decors for the house. Vintage luggage would look very good with antique furniture. Well, if you need an extra one someday, then you wouldn’t have to worry at all. ;)

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