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Saturday, March 31, 2012

There's a new little estate sale shop front near my house and I finally stopped in the other day. I had no idea what to expect as this particular street doesn't lend to cute little shops. But it was filled with some pretty great stuff and the prices were really great too! Here are the things I found that I didn't buy...though I am thinking on going back for at least one of these items. Can you guess which one?

I love, love, love this little framed vintage print. At $35.00 with prices negotiable I hear it calling me back.

 Brass accents are really trending right now in home decor; personally it just reminds me of the 80's home decor and those days were not good! Not to say this isn't good - I just can't get over seeing the whole 80's home decor style when I see brass wall hangings, in fact I can literally feel the multi-toned brown semi-shag carpet under my feet right now. But for brass art, this one is winning me over. It certainly has a madmen vibe and probably why it was one of the most expensive things in the shop at $120. 

Along with brass, gold is also in, especially gold leafing. This bowl which is on a pedestal base was really gorgeous. For $20 it's a total steal! But did I mention how big it was? Not something I have storage for when I want to change it out.

Pyrex casserole dish + $12.00 + orange = make that two things I want to go back for. But I bet this little beauty has already found a new home at that price.

This is a Morse zig-zag sewing machine, they are really fantastic if you can find one in good working condition because they are able to sew through just about anything. I tried to find a price but it was so heavy I couldn't move it at all from it's little corner to take a look, so i gave up. I don't have room for another sewing machine anyway.

Oh maps! Maps are in - like really in. Globes too. So with this awesome little coffee/decanter set you could meet two very hot trends. It really reminds me of Pan-Am and beckons me to days I don't actually remember but feel like I do in my heart - when flying was a glamorous adventure. Ok, I really do want these, a lot! But again, I just don't have the space to store the 25 glass pieces that came with this set but if you live in Portland and you love all things mappy and globe-y, you should buy this! Sadly I can't remember the price but I think it was less than $55 bucks and that is a smokin' good deal for this complete set. It even has creamer and sugar dishes.

Remember these?! The suitcase record player. I played some awesome story book records on mine back in the day. Later it played some really great old 45's my uncle left behind at my grandparents house. Which now that I think of it is where my intense love of Styx came from. This one I don't think could play anything. It was definitely not in working condition. But it's cute, no?

Vintage Picnic basket 20 bucks! This thing is my kind of picnic basket - it was huge!! It was in excellent condition with a great little wooden flip top. And while this is a big item to have around it could be used to store other things while awaiting picnic time.

 This 1950's wedding dress is just too wonderful! ...and too small. Not the thing I will be going back for but I couldn't help snapping a shot of this amazing dress with it's tailored construction and modest avant garde feel.

Is there anything here that you would definitely go back for?  


  1. Oooh, I'd go snatch up the pyrex and ask about the sewing machine for sure!

  2. Great finds. The print is definitely calling me. I'd ask about the sewing machine, too. Reminds me of my Necchi. I loved it -- it could sew through anything, too. Never gave me any trouble until the clutch went. I had one of those record players in a suitcase. Too funny seeing it! Love your finds. Keep up the great hunting!

  3. I love the print and the globe glasses! What a great shop you found. XO


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