Feeling Blue {Design Inspirations}

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh this is the time of year for me that time starts a'draggin'. I am waiting - through hopefully the last couple months of constant rain - for Spring and all that I believe it will bring me...which I mainly believe to be a fierce and unstoppable motivation to begin the 1000 projects I have on the mental list I have been preparing all winter. Painting, decorating, gardening... This winter I have been obsessed with the color blue and really want to incorporate a bit more into my living space. In fact I tried by painting one of my wall blues but the color was off. And my blue wall has been actually having me feeling a little blue since. I thought it would be a great clean and calming color for working in but it just isn't warm enough. So I am trying again to find that perfect blue for my living/working space. This battle has been going on for months. I must concede with choosing an entirely new color or find the blue that makes me feel calm and productive by day but relaxed and cozy by night. No, really, that's my criteria.

So, this was the color of my focal wall which I painted blue. But the blue felt too cold after living with such a warm color for so long. So now I am back to square one trying to find a "warm" blue...are you out there warm blue??? I am looking for you.

Here are some of the "blue" designs I have been getting inspired by lately

This isn't exactly part of my plan for incorporating blue but this room is designed so beautifully and these blues are so rich and amazing - it completely inspiring. One part mid-century and one part renaissance painting.

I love how the blue bed spread and the slight blue paint on the distressed headboard give this room such a blue feeling, yet the actual blue in the room is only used in these simple accents. Maybe that's what I need to do??

Love this color! 

This is such a gorgeous teal blue! I wish I would have gone for and am leaning toward in attempt number duex. But I am not sure it would look nearly as spectacular without that graphic print in the background!

 This is very close to the blue that I chose; a littler ligher. I am not sure why it can look so warm and lovely on this wall but not on mine! It must be the to-die-for rust colored leather couch! Me want. Paint: Martha Stewart: Sea Spray Blue

This is semi close to the color of my sofa -  This bright pop of blue is gorgeous.  Paint: Benjamin Moore - Dolphins Cove

This rich and bold blue is amazing - though the carpeting in throwing me off and without a little "more" it feels a bit cold. But it is certainly a fantastic color! Paint: Benjamin Moore - Galapagos

I adore blue with warm wood accents. This bluish-grey is quite warmed up with the raw wood in these retro inspired furnishings.

I think what I am finding in the blues that are most inspiring me is an eclectic theme! Lots of different textures, other pops of color and bold textiles. I think that is what really "warms" up the blues most for me.

So last night, after working on this post for a bit, I went off to slumberland and I had a dream I painted my whole living room orange again! What is my subconscious telling me?! Once you go orange can you not go back to blue? I think I really miss my orange wall!

Anyone have a blue living room they just adore? Color suggestion? I am all ears!

Update: I painted white . . .


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