Invation of the Crumb Snatchers {natural ant baits}

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well, it isn't officially spring yet, but apparently the ants are getting a little head start this year on their annual invasion. So, if you, too, live atop an ant hill and are looking for a natural way to rid yourself of these strong and tenacious little creatures, here is a solution which seems to work pretty well for me. Keep in mind the borax is toxic to the ants so if you aren't in favor of this read below where I have offered up a couple cruelty free ways of keeping ants at bay. And, if you are okay with annihilating your ants, just don't go crazy with the borax, if there is too much they won't take the bait. 

*Also note if you have small children or pets you may not want to place the borax method in areas where they may get to it.

It's the borax method...

{i need to put sugar on my grocery list}

What you need is a little warm water, a table spoon of borax, quarter cup of sugar and cotton balls. Mix ingredients into a bowl and dip your cotton balls in. Then simply place the saturated cotton balls in the pathways of the ants. Such as along your doorways or window seals.

I've also heard that sometimes ants like a little something oily, so you can mix a small amount of peanut butter with the borax; do both to satisfy all their cravings. But, again, don't set peanut butter around with small pets or children. You can put it in a jar though and punch a few holes that are big enough for them to get in and out of. Remember the idea is that they take it back to their little ant lair, so once you do this, don't kill them.

Other natural methods you can also is to sprinkle cinnamon or black pepper along pathways. Apparently ants HATE cinnamon and black pepper, so once they come across it they sense danger-danger; then they go back to their little ant friends and warm them of the danger. I have also heard that when you find ants crawling around you can sprinkle a little on top to be sure someone goes back with a little bit of the scary cinnamon or terrifying black pepper and sounds the alarm. This doesn't actually hurt the ants, so if you are an insect lover, this might be a good method for you. It's not harmful, just really, really scary. Be sure to sprinkle it all along thresholds, windows, under electrical sockets, or cracks - even along your foundation.


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