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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vintage Modern / Modern Vintage: If I had to choose a "label" for my style it would probably be something along this broad rage of modern and vintage. I love the sleek and clean lines of modern furniture but I love the feeling vintage pieces evokes; as well as vintage has so many sub-catagories you can go just about any direction with it. So here are some of my favorite "In homes designs" with a splash of modern and a splish of vintage.

This gorgeous design almost breaks my heart, I love it so much - I want to claim it as my own right this second and I can't. Isn't that sad? Via

 Photograph Via Simon Watson {checking out this link will not disappoint}

Can we call this modern 60's lounge-chic? I can't say this ensemble a whole is a "favorite" but that velvet sofa with the throw pillows and pendent light, just does something for me. Or it's that I can't look at this and not imagine that this room must have sliders that go out to a spectacular pool. Via

Again...I am in love. I have decided I need a painting of a woman in my living room. All of my most favorite spaces seem to have one.

 Here are some pieces to get you started on your own V/M look...

Ze Wire Chair (sold in a pair!) Shop

Painting Shop

Arco Lamp Shop (A new lamp - with a vintage feel - yay, for electrical safety!)

Mix and Match Cushions Shop (Modern Print on the front, Velvety Vintage on the back)

Vintage Sideboard Shop (the sideboard or credenza is a hot commodity right now - and these dainty danish lines are most fabulous)

Mid-Century Inspired Wall Clock Shop
Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Shop (I think we should ALL have one of these, no)

Dandelion Pendent Light Shop

So now you know my favorite design style...what is yours??


  1. I love the Jenny bubble print. It may get added to my house. :)

    1. I agree jill! I have long had tushtush on my favorites list through etsy...and have always liked this print. But now that I have put it up on my blog and have looked at it apart from all her other fabulous pieces, I too, think I will be buying myself one in the near future!

  2. Gorgeous! I especially love the dining table and the clock.

  3. Love the first and second ones. Really love that table in the first one!

  4. I just ran and got my wife to show her that first pic; we were looking at those same chairs. She's disapointed this wasn't a site selling the table. Great pics!

  5. Awesome stuff. I love the danish modern. My Grandma had a bunch of that in here house when I was growing up.

  6. Love.
    I wish I could choose just one. I tend to lean toward traditional with modern twists. Does that even make sense?!
    New follower visiting from voiceBoks. Great blog! So full of ideas.

  7. Oh, I love this style too, and your pillows just blend right in to any of these rooms, you know;) I always like a room with a lot of character, and not too contrived.


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