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Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally we are getting a little sunshine in Portland! And when the sun does come out I am able to fully appreciate how the rain has produced such rich and vibrant greens all around. To honor this gorgeous color here are some fabulous designs with green as the main attraction. For tips on decorating more green-ly see below.

Via (damien russell - there are so many more fabulous design photos on his site!)

This gorgeous Moroccan design certainly invites the outdoors in the most amazing way!

Prints upon prints and green upon green <3

Chartreuse always makes me feel happy.

To decorate more green aka more environmentally friendly, repurposing is a fabulous way to go! And it can certainly not only give you the ability to create a unique space that's all you, but can also be much more affordable. And with spring and summer coming up it's the perfect time to get started.

 An easy introduction to this is using old /used furniture to either freshen up or repurpose, you can find so many fantastic items at estate sales, friends/family, thrift stores or garage sales.

Here's some great examples I have found on the web to get you inspired. 
Paint: the easiest way to repurpose old furniture. And here's a little tip, older furniture is generally made of higher quality materials (like all wood as opposed to pressed board pieces) and is going to last much longer, cost less and you won't feel bad if you want to repaint in down the road for a new look. This multicolored paint job gives this dresser a fresh and modern look.

Oh, ho I adore this old door that was repurposed into an entryway bench seat and storage space.

Don't have the space to do a big project? I love this little storage unit made out of crates.
Paint and upholster a chair to give it a facelift. And you should seriously check out the link - the makeover she did to her room using mostly repuposed items is simply remarkable and completely inspiring!

 Okay, did this person sneak into my room and give me a fabulous make-over?! I, too, own that bedding, that's (almost) the exact color of my walls and I have a little suitcase like that hiding under my bed waiting to be turned into something fabulous! Love this idea of giving a vintage luggage a starring role. (which i can't seem to pass up these little cases when i find it at yard sales and usually for about $2)

Do you have any repurposing projects you are working on (or want to be working on)?


  1. LOVING that green tufted leather sofa! I want!! x

  2. Where is that wonderful orange bedding from??

    1. it's from ikea. it's a few years old i don't know if they still have it . . . if you can't find it let me know :)


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