Get Stuck: Wallpaper {1}

Friday, April 27, 2012

Right now I am completely stuck on wallpaper. As a child my grandparents wallpapered their big beautiful house but sadly, they paid no attention to what matched, my grandma just saw what she liked and they put it up. It wasn't pretty - at all. So I have had a prejudice against wall paper throughout most of my life; I think a lot of people do. But there are so many glorious, amazing, beautiful and fun wallpapers out there. Now I am slightly obsessed but I won't be doing any wallpapering anytime soon because, holy smokes, it can be hundreds of dollars a yard.

Instead I will be doing "Get Stuck" my little mini-seriers, shall we say, about wallpaper. I have been wanting to do a post about some of the glorious wallpapers I find, but there are so many! Too many for just one post!

So let's break some wallpaper stereo-types together and start with some papers that are not your traditional floral motif.

Have you used wallpaper in the past? Have you used any recently? Does wallpapering still sound kinda scary? (besides the price of course!) Be sure to visit again to see other uses for incorporating wallpaper that you LOVE but don't want to paste on your wall. Like this idea that I totally think is fantatic... 

...Framed wallpaper... 

(and this you could do this for pennies by buying left over pieces! and using thrifted vintage frames)

Photo Diary / The Upside of A Computer Crashed

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My computer crashed a few weeks ago and since then life just hasn't been the same. I have felt a bit cut off from the world, since sadly, it seems so much of my world is via my computer screen. I say it's because my work is online (and that is true) but mostly it's due to lack of ability to stay away and my super awesome ability to find more things to look at and look up. (Actually that last part is not true, sometimes I just stare at my screen blankly). But since I living mostly sans-computer, I can say one big difference is how sparkling my house is But I am almost certain that's totally coincidental! No, it's not.

There have been some real perks to not having my computer to distract me,  as I said my house is cleaner, which living in a fairly small space with three boys is a pretty big perk. We have done much more outside the house. Instead of being "bored" and heading over to my "station" to unwittingly spend 20 minutes on Facebook looking at vacation photos of a friend of a friend that I have never even met, or type in the lastest thought that went through my head like "how tall is mel gibson?", we would go outside or go for a walk, go get ice cream, or I would tackle that stack of papers that had been haunting me. Not that we/I didn't do these things before the laptop crash, but I am talking almost every time I had that "hmmm, I am bored - did the dishes, made dinner, swept...." I would turn to my 3 year old twins and say "wanna go..." or I would go clean neglected corners of my house. We found worms and gardened, planted bulbs and veggies. Heck, while my twins were sleeping, normally my extra special computer time, I even painted my living room and kitchen and cleaned out some closets that had been keeping me awake at night for the last year! My 14 year old son has even followed my lead (though I am sure he is totally unaware of this, nor would he admit it!) and has been hanging out with me more too! Was it really him just hanging out in his room being a teen or was I just not as available as I thought I was?? 

So my initial panic attack at not having my "lifeline" truly helped reorganize my perspective on incorporating a little more "be here now" in my daily life; and recognize maybe I hadn't been doing so as much as I thought. Of course the downside is I have been neglecting my blog here and am behind in many of the computery things necessary for my survival. But all in all it's been a refreshing lesson in not being so incredibly dependent on my computer for all my little bouts of boredom. Now I have my new fancy computer and I am glad; I am also pretty sure the next few days are shot with doing much more beyond playing with it and catching up. But I intend to not forget these magical weeks of being so much more present and spontaneous. I hope to "turn off my computer and go outside" with much more frequency than I "allowed" myself before, because let's be real I always hopped over to my computer for "work" purposes and found myself doing something completely unnecessary.

In the Garden

"happy" the worm - not sure that happy was actually happy though! he was handled for about 45 minutes.

 looking for flowers

I am going to consciously try to make a day a week mostly computer free and set aside times during the day where I don't go to my computer at all in order to keep up the momentum I have going. I also have my iphone and blah blah blah. We certainly are deep into a pattern of being constantly connected to an electronic device. I do find value in that, especially because I do all my work on line, it's great to know you can always be available for your business, but should you always be available? I didn't realize how tethered I was until my computer was no longer... I think I can make a few hour blocks throughout the day where play with my kids isn't interrupted with checking an order status or jumping at the ding or dong of a new email. Everyone can wait one measly hour while I hunt for worms with my kids uninterrupted

Do you have any computer-less times? Do you have any tricks for not allowing yourself to be completely ruled by your devices? 

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Classics Reinvented: Inspired Accouterments For The Home

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be it the TV, the milk carton or the bookcase, here is a small collection of fabulous reinventions of some of the classic staples in our lives and around our homes, all nouveau fabulous!

: Inspired Accouterments :

 Isn't this ADORABLE?! Ahhhh! I actually may be one of the .000001% of the population that doesn't want an Ipad (because I have an Iphone & isn't pretty much just a big Ipone?).... Well, that was I didn't want an Ipad until I saw this work of magnificence! Now I can't get it out of my mind - along with Fred Flinstone because this looks like something from Bedrock to me. I am okay with that though, I love the Flinstones. In fact I'd love to watch the Flinstones on my new Ipad inside this TV stand! Maybe they could make me a teeny tiny one for my Iphone?! Oh my goodness that would satisfy my inner little girl that loves all things miniature and tiny...she would be so happy with that. Shop

Some things are just awesome. You see them and you think "that is freaking awesome" even if you don't use the words "freaking" or "awesome." And you don't even have to like it or want it to appreciate the awesomeness that it encompasses and emits into the world. Well, this is one of those things, however, I can't imagine anyone with eyes that would not want one of these night lights. And if you like cameras and taking pictures, forget about it, you need one of these! Shop

 Remember the good old days when you had to find 1,800 different positions one could stand  in and around your kitchen counter? Remember when you would have to unplugged the cord and let the receiver drop to uncoil the stretched out and stressed out phone cord? Remember when you had to remember phone numbers, like write them down and stuff? Well, I am not sure this is a phone time machine or anything but it may bring back a few sweet memories of the old days when we had to  use phones with a cord attached. Why we kinda love that  now when at the time we actually hated it so much? I don't know. But I want one and I bet you kinda do too. Shop
 I would certainly have to buy this because I am not one who can cut books apart. I think a little piece of my heart would rip along with every page. And this piece is for sale not a DIY project (my pet peeve right now is seeing handmade and Etsy works - hours of work - pinned in DIY sections of pinterest! grrrrr!) But I love this and I want to buy one (or four)! I have some shelving that this would look fantastic in! Shop

 Want one of these too - and might I add, they are very well priced. Shop

I love these reinvented bookcases like crazy. I mean, they almost make feel crazy with how much I want them - think back to your first teenage heart-throb crush. I have stalked this Etsy shop daily since finding these hanging bookshelves just to take one more little gander at their pictures. I almost want to make a poster from these pictures to hang on my wall so I can stare at them and daydream about our fated love affair. Genius, I say, genius! Shop 

Looking for  a DIY inspiration for your own reinvention project?

Look  no further than this fantastic tutorial from Apartment Therapy on making a globe light. Find it here.

Pretty cool aye?
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