Get Stuck: Wallpaper {1}

Friday, April 27, 2012

Right now I am completely stuck on wallpaper. As a child my grandparents wallpapered their big beautiful house but sadly, they paid no attention to what matched, my grandma just saw what she liked and they put it up. It wasn't pretty - at all. So I have had a prejudice against wall paper throughout most of my life; I think a lot of people do. But there are so many glorious, amazing, beautiful and fun wallpapers out there. Now I am slightly obsessed but I won't be doing any wallpapering anytime soon because, holy smokes, it can be hundreds of dollars a yard.

Instead I will be doing "Get Stuck" my little mini-seriers, shall we say, about wallpaper. I have been wanting to do a post about some of the glorious wallpapers I find, but there are so many! Too many for just one post!

So let's break some wallpaper stereo-types together and start with some papers that are not your traditional floral motif.

Have you used wallpaper in the past? Have you used any recently? Does wallpapering still sound kinda scary? (besides the price of course!) Be sure to visit again to see other uses for incorporating wallpaper that you LOVE but don't want to paste on your wall. Like this idea that I totally think is fantatic... 

...Framed wallpaper... 

(and this you could do this for pennies by buying left over pieces! and using thrifted vintage frames)


  1. I just don't under stand why it all has to be so astronomical in cost! I looooove them.

  2. OMG! The third, black and white waves, wallpaper!!! So amazing!

  3. The get stuck wall paper is dewcribed in the post here. Know all about it


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