Color Palette {1}

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being in the "design" business (yes, that sounds really weird for me to say! For now still feel way more comfortable saying I "make pillows") - anyway, being in the business of designing things that encompass color has made me think about color on a deeper level than I ever have before. I have always been drawn to certain colors or at least have an immediate reaction to them. But as I try to grow in my own skills I have realized that understanding color/s is so important. I now think about colors constantly; where i used to say I love that fabric, now I think why does that fabric strike me so much? And usually a large part of it is the color scheme (along with pattern of course, but we are talking about colors today!) I now no longer see blue as blue, but tones of blue that maybe mixed with just the right contrasting orange can look modern or whimsical, or a dark blue with a deep orange can look masculine. But beginning to notice these things and putting them into practice is definitely a process. I started wondering how I could hone in on this skill. Alas, as spring finally began to make her presence for us in the northwest, I started seeing that all the best color pallets are all around us. There is no book that can rival the color combinations that mother nature has already given us.

On a walk with my twin boys in the golf course near our house, there are the most beautiful trees. I noticed these clusters of "helicopters" and their amazing shades of pinks and greens. See mother nature knows her stuff!  The tree pictured is a sycamore maple, I took a photo of one of these lovely clusters and then matched the color tones in photoshop, (technology is pretty great too!) to see what this lovely color palette would look like in pantones. And voila! Here you are - I have given the matching pantone numbers for your reference : ) 


  1. That is a beautiful tree and you created a equally beautiful color palette. Wow!

  2. Those colors are gorgeous! Praise be to God for giving us such beauty and for you the talent to replicate it in a way that such beauty can come into our homes.


  3. I love colors too! Nature continues to amaze me. One of my children is showing real artistic talent and she has always had a thing for color and sees it where others don't always see it. I remember when she was little and first learned her colors we were out late at night and she commented on the color of the stars, the blue stars and the red ones. She taught me to stop and really look in to the night sky all stars are not the same color! Those maple keys are gorgeous!

  4. That is beautiful! You are right, nature has an awesome way of putting colors together!

  5. The red and green hues together are always so gorgeous to me! My husband is color blind, and I always wonder what he sees. Color is very important to me too!


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