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Friday, May 18, 2012


This last month I listed one of the
pillows I make and offer throughout the year as a Mother's Day pillow. That's right, I took an existing item and marketed it for a specific occation. Now, keep in mind this item was a perfect item to market as such. I didn't take a pillow with a christmas tree and market it as a mother's day gift - that would be ridiculous and annoying. In fact when I made the item I immediately thought that it would be a really fantastic mother's day gift. But for the first time in my 10 months on Etsy, I labeled my listing with a title with direct focus on the upcoming holiday, "Mother's Day Pillow." What happened? I got a lot of visits to my shop and a lot of orders! Most of the orders were specifically for that pillow but several were not. Later when looking at my "Etsy Stats" I could see that the top three searches that were directing people to my shop were "mothers day / mother's day / mother." So by using these keywords at the right time, my shop gained much more traffic than normal and many more new customers.

We all know holidays are ripe for buying and selling; our holidays are pretty centered around gift giving and now a'days people are often looking for more unique and handmade items; this often leads them to online marketplaces like Etsy. And this experience got me thinking... On such places as, Etsy, our items have a global reach. I have also seen evidence of this when my "Australia" pillow made it into an etsy email for "Australia Day" which is a huge holiday in, Australia obviously. So finally I put two and two together and thought, do I have other items that might be great gifts for other holidays around the world? I do a lot of  geographically referenced pillows, so, like the Australia pillow, I have learned by accident of other international holidays.

Again, you will want to make sure that your item fills a certain criteria for being "labeled" as an "October fest" item for example. But if you make homemade ales, this might be a great place to label your listings as "October Fest Ales!" Go one step further and also write it out in German, so you are sure to reach the areas in which are definitely going to be celebrating this festive occation. If you make jewelry you could easily market a necklace in holiday colors as "christmas necklace." Again, this doesn't mean that your item has to be 100% only usable during a specific holiday, a green necklace can be worn anytime of the year, but tweaking your listings a bit for popular searches can drive traffic to your shop as people search with these key words in your product title.

While this posting was sitting in draft mode waiting for me to painstakingly look up all the relevant holidays and special occasions around the world, I received an Etsy email that published an article similar to this topic. They have an extensive list where you can find upcoming holidays and trends in which will help you market your goods, create treasuries and so forth: Find it HERE And be sure to check back with Etsy's Merchandising desk on the Etsy blog frequently for more upcoming trends.

Love Pillow

Now that we have covered one area in understanding the global market place, can you think of more ways to take this concept and apply it further? 


  1. Great article and tips! Thanks for sharing! Love your pillows btw, they are fantastic!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Useful advice! Also worth noting that Mother's Day is celebrated in March in the UK and other European countries so you might have two rushes on your pillow in the one year :)

    1. Thank you! I am trying to be better about keeping up with holidays around the world, when doing embroidery it's not the best thing to be surprised with a busy wave with : )

  3. I love the idea of “love pillow,” I just do wonder if there are any other available designs?. I’m planning to make some for my living room.

  4. Cool and creative home d├ęcor design. I will definitely work on with this one right after we finish fixing the cables and wires in our house; I think we should fix it first before we proceed with fixing home accessories.


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