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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While looking for that always popular analog flip clock screensaver for my new computer 

... you know this one...

{If you want this screensaver too, find it here! This clock is at least free, unlike the ones I will be featuring below!} 

I found a company Twemco who makes new flip clocks. These clocks aren't just a nod to times past, nor are they at all gimmicky; they are beautiful and modern and I am slightly in love. I have my trepidation having actually grown up around flip clocks; I am hoping that they may be a little more quiet than the ones of yesteryear (wait, are the 80's yesteryear?!). Many a weekends I spent at my grandparents house where there was an old dusty flip-clock, the kind with that fake wood plastic stuff and that was about as big as a laptop is these days. I remember trying to fall asleep and it would go eeeeerrrrrrr, click!, as the number flipped over. So about 40 seconds of every minute was filled with the sound of the gears trying to warm up and get ready to flip that next number. It seems appropriate to note that I was trying to fall asleep on a waterbed of course. Oh, waterbeds... Not my fave.

But how cool are these? I can't help but be aesthetically giddy over these industrial master-time-pieces. 

See  More Date and Time Clocks Here

See More Special Crossover Clocks Here

So now, where to buy one of these fine pieces of analog machinery? Well, I haven't found a ton of places but I did find this place website HOMELOO that has a good inventory of Twemco clocks to choose from. They also have an assortment of other analog flip clocks too.

Here is another option by Karlsson:

Find it here!

This one is a small and much less expensive (14.99!) flip clock than the Twemco or Karlsson ones; you can buy here

Looking for something vintage? Here are a few of my favorites analog flip-clocks I found on Etsy and you can't beat the prices for these extraordinary vintage finds (let me also note these ones look much higher quality than the one I grew up with!):

Now, while I was doing my flip clock research I found that flip clocks never completely disappeared from the market, as was my assumption. There's one place they are always available and always trending and that is in the medical / independent living supplies industry. So you might find the large style flip-clocks with the date and day of the week, next to a super sized magnifying glass or safety bar for your shower.  They are great for those who may have a hard time seeing or remembering what day it is. Unfortunately these clocks are still going to be around $100.  But if you have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is, now you have a reason to justify this purchase! Or maybe you could get your insurance company to foot the bill. Ha, Right! (disclaimer: i am not suggesting anyone partake in insurance fraud).  


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