Mid-Century Seating: Still the Epitome of Modern Design {Part 1}

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In looking for a couple new dining chairs I find I am still consistently drawn to the same mid-century chairs I have always been infatuated with. There is something about seating, where nice simple lines and a more modern feel than I may be drawn in other design pieces, just feels right.

Mid-Century seating is still so incredibly modern, even though they were made in the middle of the last century. However this means they also have a wonderful balance of said modernism, and yet a lovely familiarity, which I believe makes them feel both current and relaxed. Just take a look in any design magazine and you will be sure to find one of these chairs in the mix of almost any design pallet. Which means the great thing about them is you don't have to have a mid-century ranch to incorporate them into your own design style.  As you can see in the following picture, this hot pink egg chair is centered in a very romantic and shabby chic style and it still works beautifully!

In traveling down the road of visiting these timeless beauties I thought I would do a short series exploring some of the most inspiring seats from this wonderful era in design.

The originals are totally out of my price range but of course I keep my eyes open at all garage and estate sales and anywhere else I may stumble across one. I probably would have better luck playing the lotto and buying some with my new "money is no object" attitude. But for now, if you, like me, cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for a chair there are reproductions available at much more affordable price ranges. Both have a pretty good resale value, however, if you can afford an original, by all means, get it! You can always sell it down the road and get your money back.

Part 1: Arne Jacobsen. 

The Egg Chair is a Modern Danish design; designed by architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Egg Chair was created for the reception area of the lobby, so you can see it offers a bit of privacy in a public space. I love the generous structure and the way the curves seemingly hold you. There was also an Egg couch made but it didn't have the longevity that this wonderful chair does. 

The High / Low: 
Authentic chairs run for about: $5000+ find one here. Reproductions: 400+ find one here


Still out of your budget? I'll bet this print isn't at only $14.00 from Etched & Sketched on Etsy.
Buy Here

Also designed by Arne Jacobsen is the Swan Chair, again, created in 1958 for the Royal hotel. It is still a bold and masculine design but with feminine curves and a much smaller scale. Great as a side chair for a living roon or bedroom, or I think it makes a really fabulous desk chair.

The High / Low: 
Authentic Chair $3500+ find one here. Replica $300+ find one here.

I love the look of this black leather swan chair against simple lines and a feminine color pallet.
Yes, please! Via

But Fear not there is yet one more way to get these chairs on a "smaller" budget. (yep, that's a foreshadowing pun) And if you happen to be 3 inches tall that will work out even better. Look at these minis from Danish Miniatures

Thanks Arne, we still love your beautiful danish modern designs! 

Be Sure to check back for Part 2. 


  1. These chairs really are timeless and so incredibly versatile. They can fit into any type of home really, that is what makes them so great. BTW, I saw that chair print the other day and it made me laugh. I thought to myself "No one has to miss out on the opportunity to have one of these great chairs", LOL!

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