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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First let me introduce Little Monster, one of my newest favorite finds. Lisa Fyfe, the woman behind the Little Monster brand, is a successful graphic designer who has designed several book covers (I even have a few of them in my bookcase!) She has also recently opened a new shop on Etsy, where you will find fantastically designed paper goods (see bottom photos).  Lisa is also the author of the Little Monster blog, here you will find beautiful taken photos and delicious recipes (that you will want to make immediately btw) - these are just a couple of my favorite elements in her fabulous blog!  And as a super special treat Lisa is sharing with us a tutorial on lining envelopes using fun graphic paper.


This is a great DIY project to step-up up any envelopes you have lying around. You can use any pretty paper that you like. Once you have made your template it is so easy to keep duplicating these pretty inserts into all of your envelopes. I made some this weekend to go along with some of my cards.

    Tools you will need: Ruler | Pencil | Scissors and/or exacto knife | Glue | Envelope | Pretty paper

    Cut out the middle section of your envelope; so that, you are left with the back and top flap of the               envelope.

Cut out the glue portion of the flap of the envelope.

Trim of 1/8 of an inch off the sides and bottom. This will allow the liner to fit into your envelope. 

You have now created your template. Slide your template into an envelope to make sure it fits correctly
Use this template to trace an outline on the back of your paper. Follow your outline and trim.

 Glue the insert into a new envelope.


Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing this tutorial with us. Be sure to check out her shop! Lisa is currently offering 10% off all her wonderful paper goods (find the coupon code at her etsy shop)!
Like these here:

 Little Monster: Etsy | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Lisa Fyfe Designs


  1. WOW!! Love it! I have heard of Lisa and have seen her work... just so lovely. Thank you for sharing her work and her discount. Blessings.

  2. Those are pretty!! I'd definitely have to go to the shop and purchase. Even with the tutorial mine would never come out like that.

    1. haha, kenya, well maybe not but the letters you put in them would be the best!

  3. I wanted to make these for my wedding invitations but didn't have the time. I love the idea though and still have it on my "to do" list.

  4. That certainly gives life to the usual boring envelopes. I might just give that a try. Thanks for sharing. Remarkable talent :)

  5. Beautiful, such talent, I am just not a crafty person, so I know that mine wouldnt come out as nice. thanks for sharing

  6. Those envelopes are adorable. A great (and easy) idea that makes a big differnce. :)


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