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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It feels like it's been raining in Oregon for the last three years - which despite popular belief we have always had wonderful warm and dry summers in Oregon and mostly mild weather the rest of the year. But finally, now with the summer officially here we are experiencing weather that doesn't evoke running from point A to point B with our heads down, shielding ourselves from the wind and rain. While it's still on the cool side from what it was a few years back and all through my childhood, this break in the clouds makes me feel the flitter of spontaneity (yay, it's something I do still possess!). These photos are from a spontaneous little outing for a treat with my sweets. Brown betty dessert made with local rhubarb and strawberries, topped with homemade vanilla ice cream. It produced a lot of smiles and "yummies" - and then a walk at sunset to work it all off!

What spontaneous adventures have you been having lately?


  1. I am visiting form Voice Boks and I love the pie picture! The cracked crust and dried juice running down the side, yum! The picture of that gorgeous yard is inviting. I wish I were there in Orgeon!

  2. I love your photo diary! I was wondering what that top picture was!! I put "make something with rhubarb" on my 50 before Fifty list, I think. I have never had it!! Your kids look happy! I'm not sure we've done anything that counts as "spontaneous" lately. Most of our things have been planned, but unlike you we've been having a wonderfully dry summer. It's a nice blessing after last year's rainy mess of a summer. Have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. Love the photos. The last spontaneous thing I did was I made my daughter eggs benedict which is her favorite egg dish. Mind you I've never made hollandaise sauce before or a poached egg but it turned out good and made her smile. I'm visiting from VoiceBoks - have a wonderful 4th!

  4. Love pictures, I am a big fan of telling a story through pictures. All of my friends are so worried about keeping a baby book- I just keep the camera on the counter and take lots of pictures. I think they tell the best story.

  5. Yum! My cousin lives in Eugene, OR and has been lamenting the non-stop rain as well. Our summer has been full of spontaneous fun as well!


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