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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pins that made my heart skip a beat this week . . .

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Sometimes with my fair skin and red hair I wonder how can I love the summer so much? I certainly am not of the right coloring for this to be my favorite season, as I constantly have to be scouting for shade and applying such heavy duty sunblock it actually makes my skin look whiter! But as I look at these wonderful images (found on pinterest) I see that it isn't just the sun or the heat, but the feelings of summer. It encompasses some of my favorite things: rolling the window down with the radio turned up, letting my inner hippy out in summer frocks and long beaded earrings, flowers bloom, plump fresh fruit and local veggies, sitting outside day and night, building forts in the yard, going to the beach, frolicking in the fields and sitting by a campfire. I always wish summer would last about three times as long as it is here in the Northwest, but maybe because it doesn't is why it is so extra fabulous to me.

What are a few of your favorite parts of summer? 


  1. What great images! Love the blouse and necklace. I'm not sure what I love the most about summer dressing since I'm more of a sweater girl, but the dresses sure are pretty in the summer as are the gorgeous colors! Thanks for a fun time out!

  2. I love melting ice cream and popsicles down the hands of my boys. I love their wrinkled fingers from spending so much time in the pool. I love late night family movie time with the smell of popcorn invading our home. I love summer too!

  3. Beautiful pins, I love the later nights, fudgsicles, swimming, catching frogs with my kiddos, sun-dresses, little ones in big bucket hats ...

  4. I'm a fellow fair skinned red head too! I love so much about summer -- gardening, the smell of freshly mowed grass, evening thunderstorms, adorable little swimsuit tan lines on my kiddos, dirty feet and hands, tired kids from playing so hard in the summer sunshine, and flip flops!


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