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Thursday, July 26, 2012


As someone who works from home (and also wishes I lived in France) this house tour immediately pleased my design senses. This beautiful french loft belongs to a couple, one who is an interior designer the other an illustrator, both work from home and also have three children.  They have incorporated storage in order to accommodate their work needs and family, with the help of architectural designer, William Terver. There are so many things I love about this how this loft is designed, of course all the storage is wonderful but the modern elements mixed with the old world french luxury, oh my goodness!

So what can we take away from this little tour besides house envy? Think color and cohesiveness. Yes, it's eclectic but with the rich yellow making an apparence in every room, it offers both a punch of color as well as fluidity between spaces. From bold ones like that amazing chair, to smaller touches like the base of the lamp or the plate hiding in the hutch. This use of color is such a simple design element to incorporate but has such a fantastic affect. It can also be a really great starting place when decorating your own nest.

Do you see any other elements in this fantastic space that you could incorporate in your own? 

As always with my house tours I say, le sigh . . .

Full story and images visit Marie Claire Maison.


  1. The picture with the yellow chair actually reminds me of one of the houses for sale in bradford I was checking out. Not surprisingly, it was the very house I decided to buy.


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