Make: Graphic Canvas Painting (using tape!)

Friday, August 31, 2012

This is a no painting skills required DIY painting. Which is good for those, like me, who love to paint but have little fine art skills. Also for those, like me, who love art but has a limited budget. I DO love to buy art from Etsy though. As an Etsy seller I am on there a lot. a lot. I also love to support fellow Etsy artisans and I do, the last several things I have bought through etsy have all been pieces of art. You can see one of the pieces I purchased in the last picture! But as stated, I can't always afford to do that every time I see a bare spot in need of a little art. This DIY is a great way to add some color and art to your walls. It's so simple, if you tire of it later you won't feel torn about passing it on to a new home. PS this is also a great art project for the the little ones!

(make sure tape is securely down so not paint leaks through!)


(use a fine brush to make any touch ups you might need to make)

Jenny (the girl blowing the bubble) by TushTush. You can get one too here!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

School is starting, the seasons are changing. When I go from one routine, like a summer one to a fall one, it always feels a little bittersweet but it also feels like a new door is opening. It's a perfect time to make changes I have been putting off to the side. Time to trade in the snacking on fruit all day long to slow cooked autumn meals with hearty veggies. Time to trade my working late into the night for even earlier mornings. Time to trade in my magazines for a good novel I can curl up with. But first I must try to get rid of this late summer cold! Or maybe it's an early fall one? While I have been taking it easy and snuggling up with my work, (the second photo is a custom order I am working on for a wedding - just finished it today!) - I have also been enjoying these little videos from Design Mom, Olive Us. Yep, it makes me want to move to France, even more than I already do, which is already a whole lot!

What have you been thinking about lately?

Creative Ways To Use Your (instagram) Photos

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tile Photos : Imagesnap

 Photo Collage : ixxi

Have photos printed on canvas : CanvasPop 

Instagram photos made into ceramic coasters: Coastermatic

Boo Box (Bamboo box for instagram photos) : Hatchcraft

Instagram Minibook & Mini Mats : (ps this site has free options too that you can use to print out your own photos, like these little printable boxes I made.)
Iphone Case: Casetagram

I don't know about you but I have loved photos for as long as I can remember. My grandparents had thousands upon thousands and this is certainly where my love of both photography and vintage was born early on. I loved looking through the photos that went back as far as the 1800's and photos my grandparents took while they were dating; the ones my grandfather sent to my grandmother while he was in the Navy and the ones she sent back to him of her wearing capri's and cat eye sunglasses sitting in the yard. And from a young age I was constantly buying roles of film and paying twice as much for one hour photo. Now my pictures, years of my life, sit on my computer always a threat to be suddenly lost. eek! One of my goals for this year is to actually print the some of my photos (but ack, with the digital age I accumulate thousands in a month! oh, remember the good old days when 36 photos was a lot?!). And now with instagram on the scene I have even more photos. Well to inspire myself to start this huge undertaking and find a cool way to use a few select photos to reward myself once my task is complete I went web surfing. Who knew there were so many amazing options? And as you see, so, so, so many of these options are specific for instagram shots (clever folks). Now to get started on the organizing part so I can get get my reward!

How do you keep your photos organized? Any tips to share?

Favorite Finds | Modus Man |

Monday, August 27, 2012

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It's not often I get lost online at mens clothing stores, but recently I did just that at Modus Men. Why? Well I think they say it best: After the 60s and 70s, men's fashion has remained very boring. As a solution, Modus was born: A movement against "boring" fashion. Here. Here. It's about time! Why don't men dress like this anymore, or at least some men more often? The world would be a better place, for real, I think it actually would be. I love a guy that can carry a little personality in his clothes, isn't afraid of standing out and has a love for details. But I also think it's difficult to find clothes for men that have those qualities, it's just not what's on the rack in most department stores. While I was shopping for some new clothes for my Freshman boy (don't worry I am talking about  my son!), it's the same old jeans and tee's, mostly in the same old color schemes, which is fine but these are much finer! This clothing is for the monsieur, the confident man, the man who can have some fun, the man who can talk color and texture and likes little surprises. I have picked out a few of my most favorites from the site and while if you put them all together might be a little much, I think these mens dress shirts, are perfect for a wedding or dinner out. Even if you or the men in your life don't love to stand out in bold prints having a little surprise pop of color, like the indigo belt can add a huge sense of style and interest to even an "ordinary" outfit.  Personally, I am absolutely in head over heels for the mixed fabric details that can that can be hidden or shown for that extra interest, like those navy pants with the gingham print that can be turned up for special occasions. And I just have to say, while you can't judge a book by it's cover, I love it when people can rock some bold colors in their lower half, love the red pants!  P.S they also have some pretty great accessories, personally I am loving that argyle iPhone cover.

What do you think? Would you or your man rock some of these amazing finds? 

Four Years Ago Today

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Four years ago . . .

Today . . . 

Four years ago today I had my little M+L. I had no idea, no idea how it wouldn't feel like work at all, or my "hands being full" would just be a reminder of how full my heart is. When I found out I was having twins it was almost like if you went to a restaurant are were two served two entrèes. And you think,
"well, I don't need two entrèes! can't they give one to someone else?" Then I saw them and I gobbled them up. And two babies at once is "extra" it's extra fun and extra love and extra smiles and extra laughter. It wasn't my belly that was going to be filled up but my heart and luckily your heart can grow and grow. Life has never been the same and never been better because you, my Luca Sparrow and you, my Milo Pollux, and the two of you together that makes my heart grow and swell each day.

The Weekend

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am happily welcoming this coming weekend. At the 11th hour we finally got word back regarding my sons new high school and we now know where he will be going and it's a place we were hopeful for. Yay! Getting through red-tape is not my favorite; however, dealing with all the red-tape did distract me from thinking that my oldest little guy is actually starting high school! But now I am so happy and so ready to settle in and get prepped for the new school year. Get the pens and papers and books and desk organized, last minute clothes shopping and haircuts. . . Oh! and how could I forget to mention M+L will be turning 4 on Sunday. My how time flies. No big plans there other than spending the day enjoying my baby A and baby B, whom at four I must stop referring to as babies.

What are your plans this weekend? Last minute vacations or getting ready for the school year to start? 

Pins Of the week | Double Agents Orange & Tangerine |

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I love the color orange. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you may know I painted over a large orange wall I knew I loved but didn't know I would miss quite so much. And now as fall approaches I find myself looking for ways to bring it back and pinning a lot of rooms with orange in them.  It is a color that is often overlooked in home decor. It is such a bold color that perhaps is difficult to know how to compliment - which is why I ended up painting my wall in the first place.  But I found I really missed the feeling it gave my home which and later found out that it was for good reason, orange is one of the best colors to have in your home (I later re-painted an orange-y / pinkish "silly putty" color. Sounds weird, but I love it!).

Orange tones are said to evoke feelings of: joy, peace, motivation, relaxation, tolerance, warmth and cheer. With this it makes it a great color for a room where one entertains, as well as a room where one wants to cozy up and read a book. Orange is no wallflower so even using small bits of orange accents in a room can add depth and interest immediately. And as you can see from my selection of images orange is fabulous paired up with grey or blue, especially a moody and dusty blue (note to self for next time I get that "I need to paint, now!" feeling).

How to feel about decorating with orange tones? Are you for a whole lot or a little pop here and there? 

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Leela Cyd | Made in portland |

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leela Cyd is a Photographer based in L.A and Portland, Oregon whom I discovered by following links back from a divine home interior photo. (side note: following links back to their original source can lead you to fabulous new sites!) While she's new to me she is the photo guru behind Apartment Therapy and The Kitchen where she offers photography tips.

On her website, Leela Cyd Photography, I found a series of photos she has taken titled Made in Portland, where she captures images of the behind the scenes from local Portland businesses. I adore behind the scenes photos and of course, being a Portland native myself, I couldn't help but get a little giddy about the opportunity to see local artisans in action. Leela was gracious enough to give me permission to share some photos from this series. This is just a sample of her work that can be found on her site, so definitely go grab a cup of coffee and follow the links here back to her site, which is filled with amazing story-telling photos from interiors to travel to food!

All images are copy-write of Leela Cyd. Please link with love.
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