Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This morning I had big plans. I was going to answer emails over my morning coffee and then get busy. But a post from Fine Little Day popped up in my mailbox (I love this blog and you probably would too so definitely go check it out) and she had a post with links. Well, Elisabeth from fine little day always links to good stuff, so I had to click on them. This is when I was introduced to Rike and her beautiful little blog, bastisRIKE. So I lost a little time this morning, having another cup of coffee and going back through post after post, which, by the way, was completely worth it. I felt like I was able to go on a little mini vacation, peek inside an artists studio and see gorgeous photography work. She also has a little shop too here and here where she sells her crafted stamps and paper goods - oh! and she has super cute cutting boards in her etsy shop!

Enjoy! {definitely click on the link that is attached to her name "rike;" it was my favorite post, adorable and insightful and i just know it has set my day off in good direction and spirits!}

All images are via BastisRIKE and are copywrite protected. Link with love friends, link with love - credit goes to bastisrike.


  1. always on the look out for new & lovely blogs to read (like yours!)- thanks for the tip.

    1. of course! i hope you enjoy the visit! i always love visiting your blog as well! xx

  2. ohhh - i love her and her work so very much. you picked a beautiful selection of pictures!

    so nice to have found your blog!


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