My Future Christmas

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christmas came a little early for me this year. It was another one of those visualization things. Maybe? The other day I got a terrible catalog in the mail filled with stuff I would have dreamed of decorating my first apartment with as a child in the 80's - you know, felix the cat clocks and betty poop kitchenware. One thing they had that I was kind of eyeing, however, were electric fireplaces. I told my 14 year old that I kind of sort of want one. He laughed at me and told me they were ugly. And, he's right. But I don't have a fireplace in my house and at Christmas time I, oh, so want one. As a child we had christmas at my grandparents and they had a huge old house (where I got my fierce love of all things homey). In their living room they had giant fireplace with a big mantel that held all our socks. But, now, every holiday season I pull out our socks and I look around my house to find a place for them but it just doesn't work without a fireplace. So I always give up and just tack them up on the wall or hang them off of various things.  My son was not convinces, but the more I thought about I was. I made a mental note to keep my eyes open  - maybe I'd find one at a yard sale . . .

So the next day, on yet another walk with M+L we stumbled upon a yard sale. (It was a really great yard sale by the way!) We were just about to leave when I noticed they had stuff in their garage too and there under a table full of treasures was a homemade fireplace insert for 1 dollar!! Apparently there is Christmas in July. It's very homemade and old - which makes me love it even more, though I am not sure on the safety factor. The inside seems to have some chicken rotisserie thingy-ma'bobber that spins around the tinsel stuck to it and a yellow lightbulb to give it a flame effect, which is pretty stellar if I might add. Grandpa Bill or Uncle Mike did a pretty solid job in designing this thing for full fireplace effectiveness. So, my "plan" is to somehow make a mantel for this little beast that I can hang my stockings on this Christmas and yet get it the heck out of my living room when the holidays are over. The picture is of the little dream in my head of the final product (yes, that's the actual $1 fireplace there in that picture). I can say with certainty is going to make the summer coming to and end a little easier to stomach.

I think it's pretty awesome. What do you think? Am I totally out of mind?


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