when it rains

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week seems to be one of those ones where when it rains it pours. It seems something somewhere gets off track and everything begins to slide and shift. Maybe it's that one thing simply makes you shift a little and that's what causes it, or perhaps it's just good old murphy's law. But I also think it may as well happen all at once rather than be spread out. After a weekend of misses, the biggest one being finding out my son didn't get into the high school we wanted and after jumping through their hoops and going about it in the "right way" it was a pretty big disappointment. But we picked ourselves up from our bootstraps and filed and appeal. (Cross your fingers!) To today when driving home from a trip to Target I blew a tire, which was a first, it was actually a lot less scary than I thought it would be. I tried to see the silver lining and think, well, it's a good opportunity to show my fourteen year old how to change a tire! However, apparently during my last set of new tires the metal on my lug nuts were stripped and for the first time in my life I couldn't do it. That left us walking home 3 miles with my twins M+L and all our target booty. Memories, I tell myself, someday I remember today because while it wasn't great it was memorable. Ah, well, bring it on and I will just keep looking for the rainbows that are sure to come.


  1. And look at all of that one-on-one family time you guys got for free! Not the way you wanted it, I'm SURE, but still a neat thing.

    And this too, shall pass... :)

  2. Christine... send some rain our way. :) I love the rain... and never really appreciated it until I moved to western Texas... Grace, peace and blessings, Carla

  3. I MISS the rain (and rainbows) so much. I live in a country where it rains three days out of the year BUT I don't think I would enjoy walking home after a scary blown tire (with my twins) I have had days though when my lug nuts were stripped so I applaud your sense of humor and ability to maintain balance!

  4. Love the picture!! We get some days like that, but that was all apart of God's plan!!

  5. Ummmmm..... at least it didn't LITERALLY rain when you walked home. And you got great exercise???? Okay, enough of the silver linings. May the rest of your week be blessedly peaceful!

  6. Oh man, what a load! I jumped thru hoops with my oldest for a different high school in 2004 and got two no's! Weenies!

    I'm still terrified of having a blown out tire but now that I know you said it's less scary than you thought, I'm still terrified! LOL

    Stay strong mama...you're right, everything we do creates a memory :)

  7. Thank God for the rainbows after the storms right?! Hope you have a great weekend ahead


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