Monday, September 10, 2012

I am needing to buy my twins, M+L some real fall clothes this year. Up until now I have been making a lot of their clothing because they are so small and also because I get pretty frustrated with the selection for little guys. Well, I am loving this line of kids wear from Ikks, a clothing company based in France which also offers men and women's fashions. There are so many great pieces for fall - I am a complete sucker for kids in scarves and jackets and hats and sweaters! And did you see the photo with the little girl in the big floppy hat?! Too cute and for some reason it looks completely practical in the photo. Speaking of the photos, I just adore the way they stylized these as well, they are sophisticated while allowing the kids to still look like kids.  Well I am off to daydream about me and my petit enfants frolicking about in France in lovely scarves and wool sweaters, which means I must go see what kind of clothes they have for moms so I can look cute in my daydream too. Au Revoir !


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