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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1 \ I am so smitten with Lena Dunham right now. I first saw her work a little while ago from her indie film Tiny Furniture, then while watching the Emmy's last week, I realized she is now writing and directing her own show on HBO, Girls. Well, girl, I have HBO and I wasted no time burning through the entire season in a couple days - I also "burned" through a few embroidery orders while watching it so it was time very well spent (you never actually burn through embroidery, sometimes it feels like your hand/neck/arm is burning on fire though). If you have ever been or currently are a women in their 20's (and don't mind a lot of really awkward naked-in-your-face-sexual moments) you will probably love it too! I should say this is not one to watch while the kids are up!

2 \ I also found this super cute tutorial over at a little glass box, for making a jewerly organizer with an egg crate and spray paint. I think I am going to put gold spray paint on my list this week and give it a go. I will be sure to let you know how it turns out if I do.

3 \ I love the graphic prints by Christopher Gray, I discovered via the Breanna Rose blog. This one is called alone with you and it's amazing to me how I immediately felt such emotion as soon as I looked at it despite it's very minimalist nature. This one is my favorite. You should definitely go check them out and let me know what you think.

4 \ Fall is the time of the year that I start feeling the itch to go purchase a fabulous new bag. I love a good leather purse that will only get better and better with age. This one by a.b.k leather craft looks like it would do the trick - though I am not sure I will be able to use anything this small for years to come, or maybe ever.


  1. Same here, totally smitten with Lena Dunham! And this bag, is so beautiful!

  2. I adore Lena Dunham in Girls! Such a good show :)

  3. I love these and that print is fabulous!

  4. OMG- I didn't even recognize her(good photo)and I am definitely a fan of "Girls" Loving the graphic print too.

  5. Something about fall makes me always want to run out and buy a new leather bag, too! And I have to say, I think I'm the only person on the planet totally un-charmed by Lena Dunham. I found Girls to be obnoxious and trying too hard, and I thought her skit at the Emmy's was vulgar and unnecessary. We get it, you're trying to radically change the way people perceive beauty standards in women's figures. Now go put some clothes on.
    Excuse my Debby Downer-ness! Great round-up :) xo

    1. i love non-mean honesty - doesn't mean you are a debby downer whatsoever, just means you really don't like lena dunham, hey, there's plenty of people i don't like, i have an exaggerated dislike for katy perry for example. i must have missed her emmy skit, but i fully trust you that it wasn't good. i just can't help but love her. i am sure it has to do with the fact that i can identify my slightly younger self with her misgivings and i had creepy boyfriends like she does in her show and it's fun to laugh off those weird moments now instead of hate myself. it might also be that i am in my mid 30's and i am so impressed that she has accomplished so much at 26, - not via a boob job or disney but from writing and i just find that so inspiring. so even if i didn't like her, i think i'd like her - youknowhatimean?

    2. Oh I definitely admire her for not subscribing to the whole "I'll dye my hair blond and get a boob job and a nose job and pretend to be a ditz" thing that works so well for making girls famous. More power to her! I can respect that for sure, and that she's my age and she has a show on HBO. Girl can clearly hustle. I don't like her particular product, and can't really relate to it, but I bear her no ill will :)


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