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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well, today I am pretty excited because I have the magnificent, funny, lovely, witty and charming Erin from Like/Want/Need.  Erin put together this beautiful collection of gifts with her stellar shopping skills and her thoughtful heart for those who might need a little "me time." xoxo Erin, thanks for being here!

* * *

Hello! I'm Erin from like / want / need and the lovely Christine has asked me to share a little something with you. Now, I know Christine is a DIY maven, but I'm afraid I'm more of a "buyer" than a "maker." But in an effort to give experiences over material gifts this holiday season, I've decided to do a little round-up of small, cosy ways you can give someone close to you the ultimate gift: quiet. The holidays are notoriously a crazy time, I think all of us could benefit from a healthy dose of quiet-time. Here are a few tried and true ways to bestow some much needed relaxation on a friend (or yourself!).

I'd say that a giant, comfy blanket is a necessity for everyday life, but it certainly comes in handy when you're trying to relax. Curl up with a good book (Dylan Thomas always reminds me of Christmas, since my dad and I would read "A Child's Christmas in Wales" growing up), put on some soft classical music (say what you will about cheesy compilation CDs, this one is actually pretty legit. It's a good beginner's guide to classical), and light a ton of tea candles to set the mood. I'm totally smitten by that coffee mug with a spoon in the handle, and a nice, hot cup of tea will help anyone stop and just be for a while (and I had to get a Paris reference in here somehow). 

You can also show up to an overwhelmed friend's house, point them to the nearest couch (comfy blanket non-negotiable), and do a load of laundry or a sink full of dishes for them. This has the simultaneous effect of relaxing them entirely and making you a saint. Win-win.

Thank you again for having me, Christine! Okay gang, spill: how do you find time to relax during the holidays? 


  1. Oooh yet another fabulous gift guide! The throw blanket is a must for relaxing for me! I’m also loving the cup and spoon set!

  2. Wonderful gift ideas! The blankets, tea, beautiful cup - would never be able to resist any of those. x

  3. Great ideas - stylish gifts which are useful too. Perfect for a relaxing evening in - love the mug!

  4. Erin, this is such a great gift idea! For my birthday, my sister gifted me sister time together. We went to a local tea room and had high tea. The tea was so good, I've been thinking of giving up coffee. All of this is to say that your roundup above is really pulling at my heart. Great job, C+E!

  5. Parisian tea = a must, and I love that mug + spoon combo!

  6. Thank you for having me, you darling girl! You are waaay too kind in your description of me, people are going to think I'm not a total Scrooge! ;) xoxo

  7. Thanks Christine for sharing Erin's great picks. I especially love that mug and could see it with a lovely cup of tea too. And no doubt about it, I AM that overwhelmed friend (this holiday season is killing me!)

  8. That mug! I LOVE that mug! How brilliant is that? Great compilation, my dear. We're all about giving experiences around here, and that reminds me. I have some train tickets to order. Who has time to relax just yet?

  9. Fantastic gift guide Erin! I know I could always count on you for a good blanket recommendation


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