Make: Holiday Cards With Santa of Homestilo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today I am so very excited to welcome Santa from Homestilo, one of my favorite daily reads for interior design inspiration, Santa is so kind to take time to be here today and share a holiday card diy with us!

Hi there! I'm Santa from over at homestilo and I am so happy to be here at Plumed Nest today.

First I'll start with a bit of truth: around this time of the year, I will normally buy greeting cards by the box because, a girl has a enough to worry about without adding "make holiday cards" to the list. But, every once in a while, you realize you missed someone or maybe you just have a special somebody who you want a more personal card for.  (I promise the hardest part may just be what tape pattern to use.)

What you need:
thin string-I used a 20lb hemp bead cord I found in the jewelry making department of the crafts store but I think baker's string would also work
patterned/washi tape
pre cut blank cards OR if you want a certain color, you can cut your own card stock
craft glue-  I used a gel glue that dries clear
fine point marker

You can eyeball the amount of string you will need in accordance to the width of the card
Glue the string to the face of the card
Cut your pieces of tape- the good thing about patterned washi tape is that you can usually use said pattern as a guide
Place tape on card
Write out your message using a fine point marker

And presto- super simple greeting card! A big thanks again to Christine for having me over, and Happy Holidays to you all!

Thank you Santa so much for sharing this holiday card tutorial, I seriously cannot believe how cute these sweet bunting cards are with a little washi tape and twine, simply genius! Be sure to give yourselves an extra treat today and head over to homestilo and take a look around; while you are there be sure to let Santa know how fabulous her cards are!

{And if you find you have an extra card and are in need of just one more address, see here and here because after you click those links you just might want to dig out an extra holiday card even if you don't have one right handy xo}


  1. Thanks again, Christine, for having me over on your beautiful blog!

    1. Thank you Santa, such an honor to have to you over and your tutorial is to die for, I just love it!

  2. Love how simple, yet completely adorable this card tutorial is. Absolutely charming!

  3. Simply charming, and charmingly simple! Even I could pull these off and make them look great. :) What a great tutorial, Santa! Thanks for sharing, Christine! xoxo

  4. This is adorable! Great job, Santa!

  5. The cards are so cute and even I could make one. Just received a batch of washi tapes yesterday ;) Thanks for sharing Santa!

  6. These are so cute! I try to make my own cards, at least a few, every year.

  7. Beautiful, what a nice style for many other festivities also. I can imagine this in a birthday card and many others.

  8. Always so lovely ideas Christine! I love your card! I will make some for my friends!
    Happy week!

  9. Yay, two lovely bloggers in one space. I'm pretty sure they call this a win-win. ;) Yes, holiday cards are one more thing on the list. I stayed up until 11:00 pm last night creating and ordering ours! #ImTired But, you know what, Santa's idea and tutorial are simple enough, and it's handmade so the card is extra special. Thanks, Santa and Christine!

  10. This is SO cute and something that even I could pull together - thanks Christine and Santa

  11. Really great post and idea. I like it. Have a nice day,

  12. Love it! This is a use for washi tape I haven't seen before. Thanks for the tutorial Santa!

  13. I have to dust off my washi tape :) very cute diy - thank u!


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