Make: Sparkle Stickers

Friday, December 7, 2012

Here is another really simple diy: sparkle stickers. To make these I used printable round stickers like these, glue and of course some glitter. I painted on a thin layer of glue on the sticker (be sure to stay inside the lines so you can easily peel them back later) and then gave it a good heathy sprinkle of glitter. Allow the stickers to dry over night and get to stickin'; I like to use them as envelope stickers for holiday cards or on packages to make your own pretty wrapping. {holiday cards shown can be printed for free; find them here }.

I hope everybody has a great weekend! I plan to barricade myself in my house and work all weekend. The great thing about my work being embroidery is I can watch lots of movies while I work. I am thinking it's time to break out a few holiday favorites. I also got my son the new batman movie as his "big" advent calendar gift, so I imagine we will be watching that this weekend too. Last on my to-do list is to press the "check out" button on some online shopping orders, my carts are getting full! Do you all have any weekend plans? xo


  1. What is Christmas holidays without a little sparkle??? Very nice inspiration, and your weekend plans sounds good!!!. I plan to decorate the Christmas tree with my son tomorrow!.
    Happy weekend,baci Eva

  2. Ha ha ha, I love love love the envelopes, such a beautiful idea! Now I only hope you don't find glitter in every corner of the house...

  3. So pretty! What a FAB idea and it looks simple too, perfect! I can do this with my little girls when we're wrapping the Christmas pressies, they love anything glittery. Thanks so much for the idea.

  4. Wonderful idea and looks so pretty!!! x

  5. You are so creative, Christine! Love your DIY projects. I'm planning to work this weekend too as I had a flu and couldn't do much the last two days, and also some Christmas shopping (I've taken care of the online orders, I have a few more shops to visit and I'm done). xo

  6. I love the polka dot effect you created on that wrapping paper. It is stunning. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So I really like this idea, a lot. But I'm scared of another glitter project after the Thanksgiving fiasco. Should I try again?

  8. You are so clever! I use craft paper to wrap gifts too. I usually hand write (in my best handwriting :) a note right on the paper, but the gold, sparkly embellishment definitely takes it up a notch. Might have to try my hand at something similar. Always feeling me with inspiration, you are.

  9. I love the glitter effect. Such a great and easy way to give your packages sparkling character.

  10. I do love glitter, and it looks so cute on envelopes! :)
    BTW, there is a new app about DIY tutorials, check it out! ->


  11. I really love these on the brown wrapping paper! So pretty!

    Hope you have some good stuff in your online shopping carts!

  12. I have such a love/hate relationship with glitter. Love, because obviously. Hate, because it's like herpes. It NEVER LEAVES. I'd make an exception for this adorable DIY though!

    Good luck hunkering down all weekend! My go-to holiday movie is Love Actually. And since we're putting up our tree tomorrow maybe I'll watch it to celebrate. Oh! And writing. I'll be doing lots and lots of writing. Take care, lovely! xo

    1. haha, well i definitely hate herpes more than glitter ; ) i also only do glittery projects outside, it still ends up on my face for days afterward, always. i need to watch that movie again, i have only seen it once! hope you had fun with grandma! xo

  13. i love these! super pretty. love the wrapping paper idea.

  14. i love those cards and wrapped gift! so lovely and beautiful xx

    Letters To Juliet

  15. Lisa
    i love these! super pretty. love the wrapping paper idea.

  16. They look so pretty- I've got to try this.

  17. Great idea!! I have a lot of left over glitter from Halloween (glitter pumpkins) so now I'm going to incorporate it into my Christmas wrapping! Thanks for the idea :)

  18. Love this idea. Glitter makes everything better. :)

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