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Monday, December 17, 2012


What a devastating weekend. What happened on Friday has left my heart heavy, my mind angry and my soul very sad. My thoughts and wishes continue to be focused on those that are affected by such grief and loss. My hope is that we will work towards changing our values to see that this does not continue to happen; I hope beyond everything that it never does again.

I pulled a couple almost all-nighters at the end of the week in order to get all of my holiday orders completed and did so by saturday afternoon (phew!). I was anxious to get them done and spend the rest of the holidays focused on my little ones.  We made finishing touches to the tree and some homemade ornaments (with glitter of course) and I snuggled them up in their christmas pjs and watched all the old christmas shows I had been recording throughout the weeks and eating chocolate covered popcorn.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope you all were able to find a little solace in your weekend as well. looking forward to a bright and merry week ahead! xo


  1. Beautiful post, Christine. Really, lovely, and I love seeing the pictures of your little ones. My heart has been heavy all weekend, but we did much what you did... focused on our family. It's all we can ever do, isn't it? In all it's many ways. xoxo

  2. We all mourn with Newtown. I can't find any words to express my feelings.
    Your little boys are adorable!

  3. You spent the weekend honoring the memory of those poor children and adults who were struck by that horrific tragedy on Friday: with your kids. I want to hug my nieces so tight, and they're not even my own kids. I can't imagine the grief that is tearing through that town right now, and through every parent's heart.

    Congrats on getting all of your orders finished! Here's to a much better, less painful week. Let's hope the double-tragedy of last week never happens again.

  4. That photo of M+L is so touching and heartwarming. I'm glad you were able to find joy this weekend.

  5. I followed the news on Friday unable to comprehend what took place. I cannot imagine what the people of that community are going through right now.

    I have to say that your boys look so cute together in that chair ;-)

  6. I too am having thoughts constantly about Fridays tragedies. There's so much to be thankful for, even the little things like that photo of your boys in the hair, so cute.

  7. It is so unbelievably sad what happened on Friday, I am still at a loss for words...

    Congrats on getting all your holiday orders done! Let's hope this week will not be as crazy!

  8. Your boys are adorable all tangled up together. It's the little things around the holiday season, isn't it?

  9. Friday's event was so unbelievably sad and heartbreaking. The fact that Friday's event happened only days after the one near you is so alarming. What is the answer?
    In the midst of all that, I'm happy to read that you were able to get all your orders out, and can now enjoy your family and holiday season.


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