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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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One of the things on my to-do list for the year is work on my stairway and upstairs hallway. Luckily it's not a space we live in (i.e. it's not not been claimed by clutter. don't get me wrong clutter accumulates on the stairs but it's all removable) and I have never given it too much attention, so it's still pretty much a blank slate.  The one thing that has kept from doing anything thus far is my ceilings are about 20 ft high in my stairway and no decorating will compensate for the fact that what it needs most is a fresh coat of paint. Before I had kids I never would have guessed that this would be the area that ends up getting the most grimy of all the walls in my house.

I really love this simple hallway with just a pop of color that I found over at Tretoen. I can't say that I will choose neon pink as an accent color in my own hallway but it's got me thinking. I do love just the little bit of interest that it adds to an otherwise clean uncluttered space. I would also love the excuse to buy a couple new pieces of artwork. I found these ones on Society6 which is a pretty interesting e-commerce site. I don't know how I feel about it exactly - okay, that's a lie, I do. But it's just my own diehard handcrafted bias so I won't go into it and there is a lot of great artwork on there and I like that you can get artwork in print form or printed onto stretched canvas.

In other news I was recently interviewed by a freelance journalist for the associated press in regards to my sharpie plate diy post. I really had no idea where it would end up or how it would turn out considering the author writes it and then it is "picked up" by "various media outlets." Well, Erin, it ended up in Philly. Fun times.


  1. I love your inspiration--so clean and yet interesting. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. Congrats on the interview! I bet Erin will clip the newspaper article! Your sharpie idea is so cute...I like that they added a fun color to the hallway and it looks like it is only washi tape, so it is easily applied and removed. It makes me want to get some brightly colored washi tape and start taping things with it ;)

    1. i think you are right about the washi tape. that could be a fun little way to change things up here and there. good eye, nina, good eye.

  3. Well, first. HOW TOTALLY COOL THAT YOU GOT INTERVIEWED FOR THAT POST! I'll stop yelling now! But STILL! Super awesome! Now. I'm trying to decide how to feel about this all. I love white on white, but this might feel a bit clinical to me. Maybe I fall along the more pickled lines of white....Need to ponder that a bit. Anyhoo, I loved the rug until I saw how much I'd need to pay to get it in the 8X10 I'd need for my living room, and the prints you chose: very nice! XO

  4. I'm about to pull a Buddy the Elf and yell "SAAANTAAA! I know him!!" only replace it with your name! "I KNOW HER!" That's so incredible you ended up published on Philly.com!! That's mah city! I'm totally going to see if I can find the article in print and clip it for you and send it to you, just like Nina suggested. And you should totally get some hot pink washi tape like those photos and then you can hang the clipping in your new, minimalist hallway. Love that rug! xoxo (+ a million more)

  5. I've always considered the hallway a perfect place for a gallery wall. I love the art works you've picked.

  6. That is so awesome that your post made it into an article! I think that is so very inspiring!

  7. Congratulations on the article...that is so exciting! And I'm loving this inspiration...adding just a pop of color to a hallway is such a brilliant idea!

  8. Look at you, famous lady - that's pretty friggin sweet

  9. Congratulations, Christine! That is sweet! And how lucky are you that you've got Erin in Philly who can (hopefully) get her hands on a printed version.
    I keep seeing so many clever ways of using washi tape. I think this room inspiration is the tops. It's such a fantastic way to add color to a room, and when you get tired of it, you just peel it off.
    If you're seriously considering that rug, here's a version that's a lot cheaper: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/decorating-and-accessories/all-rugs/olin-black-rug/f43644 (We have one in our daughter's room and love it! :) I love the prints you picked out.

  10. I love this color palette, it really pops!

  11. Congrats Christine! That is very exciting news! I am loving this hallway - it's not the colours I would usually go for but I am starting to rethink the colours that I use around the home. I love the beautiful prints you chose too!

  12. I love you and your black and white interior decorating inspirations. And I love that pink accent, although I would go for a different colour too.

    Congrats on the article! So exciting!

  13. Congratulations on the interview! I went back and read your plate DIY, and I just discovered Emily Henderson's site last week and totally saw your pillow! How cool that that happened two days after you opened!


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